Charlotte Rose
Charlotte Rose
Charlotte Rose

Charlotte Rose, ‘The First Lady of Sex’! Big scoop!!! She’s Britain’s No1 Sex Trainer and you can now follow her regular column here on Ask Fanny. An upfront and personal guide to all the advice, sex trips, sex training and any sexual related questions you’ve always wanted to ask about but didn’t dare. Hmmm! Girls! We’re gorgeous, yes! We’re mysterious, yes! We’re loveable, yes… well, most of the time! But sometimes our behaviour and our requirements might appear a little obscure and in need of some interpretation. Like they say, men are from Mars, women are from Venus. Especially when it comes to sex! So now Charlotte is here to help, yes the world famous Charlotte Rose, The First Lady of Sex! – official resume: B.S.c - Multi Award Winning Sex Worker, Sexual Trainer, Political Campaigner, Author, Presenter and Sexual Freedom Activist!! You’ll see answers to some commonly asked questions below but if your question isn’t there already then send an email and she’ll give you her SEXPERT female perspective. AND, you can even call her on her personal advice line for a private 121 consultation.


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