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Dear Fanny, I don’t like using condoms and I’ve slept with a lot of girls in the last few months. I’m worried I might have caught something, but I don’t want to go to my Doctor cos it’s a bit embarrassing, is there anyway I can find out without going to a clinic? I don’t have any symptoms, but I heard you don’t always get them.

Lucas, 19

Hey Lucas…if it’s raining you wear a coat right?! Maybe even a brolly too? I won’t preach too much, but I’d ALWAYS advise wearing a condom with a new/strange partner unless you both happen to carry round certificates of clean health (and unless you or your partner(s) are porn stars I’m guessing you don’t).

Honestly, I know you don’t get to fully appreciate all the lovely wetness etc, but it’s still nice right? And is it really worth getting God knows what all over your cock? Trust me my friend, google blue waffle and if you’ve got an ounce of sense you’ll never have sex without a condom again.

Right, lecture over. Now on to how you can check yourself out without that uncomfortable trip to your GP. Although, I do recommend sexual health clinics, they know their stuff, they’ve seen and heard it all before and offer a confidential and (relatively) comfortable atmosphere. If you’re adamant you don’t want to attend a clinic (remember you could always visit one away from your usual hunting ground) then I’d recommend a home STI testing kit. They’re reliable, but costly (sexual health clinics are free). You can find out more at

I’m Fanny Hunter, I’m ALL about the pussy, so although I applaud your sexual prowess, I just ask that once you’ve checked yourself out (and fingers crossed that you’re all clear) that you’re considerate of those who may come after you…put a rubber on it! Take care and stay sexy xxx

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