The Spinner – Can This Make Housewives Want More Sex?

The SpinnerSometimes, couples get on different pages when it comes to sex, especially when those couples are married. In the beginning, the sex is good and the sex is often. But after a while the sex, often, becomes not so often. However, a company claims to have a solution. The Spinner is a service that claims to turn disinterested women into horny housewives. Yes. Really.

So how does it work? Well, for a small fee, you get a link that you can send to your wife. Once the link is clicked, she is then subtly exposed to articles and other content (curated by psychologists) as she goes about her normal internet perusing, which will subconsciously encourage her to initiate sex with you. Basically, it’s a Jedi mind trick for pussy.

Does it work? Well, it’s a new service so the jury is still out. Want to find out about The Spinner, check out the full what’s-what here:

But I know where you can find plenty of horny housewives who don’t need an algorithm to get their pussies wet. Text Sex Contacts – the home of hardcore housewife sms chat.

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