Hi Fanny,

I’ve been with my fiancé for 6 years and I’ve cheated on her multiple times. I do love her, but I just get tempted so easily and can’t help myself. We’re supposed to be getting married next year, but I don’t think I can stop sleeping around. What should I do?

H, Salford


Hey H, this is a tricky one…as it’s more a moral issue than a sexual one and as we all know, my forte is the filth. For me personally though I wouldn’t want to marry someone I knew I was going to be cheating on, it kind of defeats the object?

I do believe it’s possible to love one person yet still be sexual with others, but that doesn’t mean you should. I know loads of married guys get their kicks elsewhere, as do women for that matter. But for you to be just starting to embark on your married journey, it seems a tad premature to be already looking elsewhere…

That being said it could well be that you’re ‘sowing the oats’ before settling down for a lifetime of blissful monogamy, but you don’t seem very convinced of your own self-restraint!

Think of it in a worst case scenario…what would happen if she found out you’d been cheating? How would you feel? Would you be devastated you’d hurt her? Or would you be half relieved?

If you like getting around, perhaps you’re better off with the single life? It’s the fairest option for all involved. Stop being greedy! If you can’t get off by just being with her then let her go and then have your fill of the fanny my friend 😉

Just be sure you won’t regret it, often the buzz of cheating is the newness, the novelty and the excitement of it all. If you’re free and single you may well find it all rather unappealing and pine for the girl you lost. I feel your dilemma! I hope it all works out and you make the choice that’s right for you. Take care and stay sexy x

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