Glitter Bum – Yum!

glitter bum trendThe Glitter Bum Trend is the new craze in town!
If you scroll through Instragram, you’ll see a lot of wild beauty trends. There have been more than a few strange ones; like furry fingernails and feather eyebrows. Most of them get a hard pass from me. Call me crazy but when it comes to make-up, my goal is to look human. But there is one trend that is popping up all over the very popular social media site and I am all for it: glitter bums!

Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Chicks are covering their bums in sparkly glitter and some I might add are getting really creative. There are ombre arses, rainbow rumps and beautifully bedazzled butts. This glitter bum trend has come right on schedule for the Summer festivities – bring on the Carnival! And you don’t need to break the bank to incorporate this into your summer outfit. All you need is some glitter and a bum! So we’re all half way there already!

It’s a great way to highlight an awesome arse and an ingenious way to make a not-so-awesome one better. But I’m sure you’ll agree, any trend that has the ladies showing off their peachy goods is a fascinating beauty trend. 

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