general-fannyWe’re being invaded! In case you hadn’t noticed, the planet is being overrun by bad, tasteless, tacky porn! But thankfully Field Marshall Fanny is here to save you but I can’t do it all on my own, I need your help!
There’s a war going on and I need fearless new recruits who can be upstanding in the face of the ruthless and uncompromising enemy. Men who will rescue naughty damsels in distress who just want to offer good, clean, wholesome filth, untainted by corporate exploitation! Once you join, you can rise up the ranks from Private all the way up to General by finding and sending me links to ‘the good stuff’!
The more you send, the higher your rank becomes!
You also get preferential access to content before all those civvy’s not brave enough to put their tankprivates on the line…

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