Married Woman

Dear Fanny,

I’m in love with a married woman. I met her through a mutual friend 3 years ago and we’ve been having AMAZING sex every chance we get ever since. She’s been married for years and has children. I don’t want to break up a family, but I’m obsessed with her. She owns my heart and my cock. Even when I’ve tried to move on and forget about her I’m just not interested in other girls. Please Help!

T from Wales

Oh dude, I feel your pain! The thing with affairs is you never really leave that honeymoon phase, where everything is hot, fresh, exciting and arousing. That’s because you often don’t get to the ‘omg your breathing annoys me! Did you leave the bread bin open AGAIN?!’ phase that many long term relationships get to.

It’s easy to fantasise about how AMAZING your life as a couple would be, because your imagination tends to leave out all the messy details, focusing mainly on the copious amounts of hot sex! 3 years is a long time for feelings to grow and there’s no doubt what you feel for this woman is real and she may well feel the same way about you.

Now for the pants bit…is she going to leave her family for you? Probably not. Do you REALLY want her too? Probably not. Are you going to continue fucking her? Probably.
You already know your situation and you know what you have to do to get yourself away from it, YOU’RE the only person who can answer your dilemma my friend.

Is the fanny worth the stress? Are you cock blocking yourself from potential stress free hook ups and relationships? According to statistics the average length of an affair is 2 years, so you’ve more than had your fill pal! My advice? Get yourself some comfy pjs, a big fat tub of Ben & Jerry’s, cry/wank her out of your system for a few weeks and get back out in the field soldier! There’s more than enough hot, single fanny to go round! Stay sexy x

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