Penis Shrinkage

Hi Fanny,

My husband has a penis shrinkage and cannot have an erection. Because of this he can’t penetrate so he doesn’t want sex any more. What is the best way for us to have sex and how can I encourage him to have sex with me?

E Flawless


Hi there E, I’m sorry to hear about your husband’s penis probs and hope I can go some way to helping you guys out. Going from what you’ve said, your husband suffers from penis shrinkage as well as impotence, unlucky. Penis shrinkage can occur as men age and though it often isn’t a drastic size difference, it tends to be irreversible. However, poor circulation to the penis can affect the size of the erection or prevent it all together. I’m no Doctor (my PhD is pussy doesn’t cover in depth medical diagnosis I’m afraid), so first and foremost I would suggest he see a GP to determine the definite problem and see what treatments are available.

I do know there are ‘sleeves’ and penis attachments widely available if that is something you both would be open to. I feel in this situation communication is key. No doubt your husband will be feeling frustrated, defeated and perhaps even a little embarrassed about his predicament. It’s a very sensitive topic, but he has to understand that it affects you both. Just because he is unable to penetrate you with his cock doesn’t mean you should lose all intimacy all together, in my opinion.

Sex isn’t the be all and end all of a relationship, but if you don’t share that closeness or feel able to talk to each other openly about your sexual concerns then it will likely cause problems in the long run. Encourage him by reassuring him, tell him you’re still very much attracted to him and want to be intimate. Touch him often, build his confidence, tell him how you love his mouth on you or his fingers…encourage the sexy side in him to come back out to play. There are a multitude of ways to make a woman come, many of which don’t even require a cock, it’s a pleasure to please…I hope he can see that and get some reassurance and pleasure from knowing his wife wants him, penis probs or no. I hope this helps and things get better for you both, stay sexy! Fanny xxx

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