Addicted to Cyber Sex?

Dear Fanny,
I think I’m addicted to cyber sex. I spend all my time online looking for like minded women to chat with. I am married, but my wife has a very low sex drive and has no idea of my cyber habits. I can’t even get off using porn anymore, cyber sex with real, horny women is all the excites me. I’m falling behind at work, because I’m online all the time and I can’t stop thinking about sex!

B, South West

Well B, I think you’ve pretty much answered your own question there. Whether or not you are addicted I don’t know, but you yourself have acknowledged that your behaviour has become a problem, it’s interfering with your everyday life and that in itself is an issue.

I am all too aware of the allure of the forbidden, it’s sensual, seductive and exciting. If you’re not getting that fulfillment at home then it’s all the more attractive. Cyber sex can be an intense experience, it’s easy to lose yourself in the fantasy world. You are no longer a married man with a stressful 9-5, you are a keyboard sex God dishing out orgasms to beautiful sexual creatures left right and centre. It boosts your confidence, enriches your desire and excites your cock, I understand.

But tell me this, if your employer or your wife were to cotton on to your online trysts, would that make you think twice about logging on and knocking one out? I’m pretty sure it would have a profound effect on your libido and no one wants that kind of cock block downer.

My advice to you would be to cut back, keep a grip on reality and draw a line. Ideally talk to your wife about the things you miss in your relationship and if you feel your cyber is a serious mental issue then see your GP. Try limiting yourself to the time you spend online, I know that’s hard as pretty much everyone is connected to wifi 24/7 and has access to one browser enabled gadget or another, but make a conscious effort to prioritise your responsibilities. Put your work and your wife first, keep reality separated from fantasy and you will save yourself a world of trouble. It’s all about the balance, I wouldn’t want to deny anyone their kicks, after all No fanny? No fun! Good luck!

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