Foot Fetish Addiction

Dear Fanny,

I’ve had a foot fetish addiction for as long as I can remember. It’s SO distracting, especially during summer, I can’t stop myself from staring at women’s feet. I’ll comment so much on feet pics online that people start complaining. I’m so addicted I don’t know what to do.

I, Manchester.

Hey I. A lot of people have fetishes and foot fetishes especially are ever popular and ever growing. Are you concerned that your fetish might get in the way of you having a serious relationship with a girl? Well first, there are some girls who like feet too, so maybe locally or via the Internet you could meet girls who have a foot fetish. You could explain that you’re not a freaky pervert, you’re just a nice guy who’s looking for friendship, who also happens to have this fetish. There are female equivalents of you.

Don’t fight it, embrace it. It can be a great source of pleasure, and it sounds like a deep part of you. It could be far more unhealthy to try and suppress it completely. I’m not saying to give yourself free reign and start getting freaky with random feet, just…don’t be so hard on yourself. Fetishes are perfectly natural, having an atypical sexual attraction to a non-sexual part of a female’s body is completely okay.

If you’re REALLY concerned, see a GP or at least have a really good read up on fetishes online. I’m sure you’ll find many men just like you who are more than happy with their fetish and will offer support and reassurance. I hope this helps and you feel better about your foot fetish! Take care and stay sexy x

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