Wankcoin: Cumming with Cryptocurrency

Wankcoin: Cumming with CryptocurrencyWhen cryptocurrency first started making headlines, most people were like- WTF? But cryptocurrency is becoming more prevalent every day, and more and more types of digital monies are being created. One of which is wankcoin, a cryptocurrency for use on adult websites.

Why should you be interested in wankcoin? Wankcoin allows you to buy adult products and services anonymously. There’s no evidence on your credit card bill and even the sites don’t know who you are. That means, if a site is ever hacked, you never have to worry about your personal information being compromised. And as cryptocurrencies go, wankcoin is very trusted.

Wankcoin will allow you to visit that site, you know the one you would never want ANYONE to know you visited, without a worry. And a worry-free wank is a good wank.

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