Dear Fanny, I’m 23, I’ve had girlfriends and I’ve enjoyed sex with them. Just recently I came across some shemale porn and found myself getting excited by it. I didn’t cu, but I wanted to. And I keep getting this urge to look again. I know I’m not gay, because I’m attracted to women, am I bisexual?

J, North East

Hi J, it’s difficult for me to give you a precise yes or no answer here. You could have just seen something visually stimulating and had the associated physical response to it. You may well be curious about the genre and wish to delve into it a little deeper (pardon the pun) to experiment with these feelings you’re having.

It may be the next shemale clip you watch is as arousing as watching paint dry, it may be that 30 years from now you’ll still be tugging your tadger to chicks with dicks. The important thing to remember is, it’s YOUR choice.

If you have tastes a little outside of the norm, so what?! You’re not hurting anyone and it’s for you to discover what floats your boat.

If a gay man watches straight porn, does that make him straight? Nope. Some lesbians enjoy watching gay porn, doesn’t mean she’s going to stop muff diving. More often than not shemale porn is actually geared towards heterosexual men, make of that what you will…

We all know (hopefully) that porn is fantasy, you might shoot your load over a scene with a women you wouldn’t touch in real life. It was just hot in your mind for that blissful little moment in time.

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