Large Labia

Hi Fanny, My new girlfriend and I have just started becoming a bit more intimate and last night I noticed she has REALLY big lips, I’ve had a couple of girlfriends and they’ve always been ‘innies’. I don’t know if I like it or not or whether I should mention anything to her about it.

C, Scotland

Hi C. Large labia or ‘big lips’ as you say are VERY common and perfectly normal. Every fanny is different, just like every cock is different. A lot of men find larger lips appealing and love how they mould around their cock, but I understand it’s a personal preference. If you’re unsure about them then I suggest you explore a little more, get all up in there and play with your new girlfriend.

I would not however mention it to her. Firstly women (and men) can be very self-conscious of their bits and you making even a passing comment could cause some serious damage to the poor girls ego. And secondly, what can she do about it? Yes there are methods of plastic surgery like labiaplasty for the ‘ideal’ Designer Vagina, but really?!

Think about it, If a girl told you she wasn’t sure whether she liked your cock or not and suggested maybe you go get a penis enlargement, how would you feel? Exactly.

It might be helpful for you to look at other fannies. Sometimes we become conditioned into believing we like a certain ‘type’ because that’s what we’re used to. You say your previous partners were ‘innies’ and it has been quite a big topic of late how a lot of porn stars have ‘tidy/neat’ vaginas.

Just take a look at the picture below for a brief example, ingeniously named ‘The Great Wall of Vagina’, it was created by a UK based sculptor, Jamie McCartney. He cast over 400 fannies aged 18-76 over 5 years to create 10 of these panels to show the physical diversity of labia.

If you decide you can’t get along with big juicy lips then make your excuses and move along, but I personally think if you like this girl and this is your only issue with her then you owe it to yourself to open your mind and make a real effort to make it work. Just think of it as a brand new dish at a gourmet buffet, take your fill and enjoy my friend x

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