Foreskin Too Tight

Dear Fanny, My foreskin is too tight to have sex, is there a cure for this?

P, London

Hey P, ouch! The medical term for what you’re suffering from is Phimosis, not being able to bring your foreskin back down over the head of your cock.

“Most boys will have retractable foreskins by the age of 10 and 95% by the time they reach the age of 17,” says GP Dr Ketan Bhatt “Phimosis can cause swelling, redness and tenderness and thus make sex very painful”

If left untreated it’s possible that during sex you may cause yourself paraphimosis. Which is where the foreskin retracts and you can’t return it to its original position. It’s a medical emergency and (I imagine) no fun at all.

Hygiene is really important in these cases, keeping yourself clean and trying to stretch your foreskin yourself should be top of your list. Use a warm bath or lots of lube to soften the skin whilst your cock is soft and manipulate the skin.

You can try steroid cream (GP prescription), such as Betamethasone 0.05%, which should be applied to the exterior and interior of the foreskin’s tip 2-3 times a day. In some cases a minor surgery may be needed, but it’s worth it to have your favourite play thing in tip top condition, no?! I’ve said it before – Doctors are so used to hearing about penis problems they don’t even bat an eyelid, it’s awkward for the first 10 seconds, but once you’ve got it off your chest you’ll feel a whole lot better, trust Fanny!

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