‘Please, Sir…More’

gloriaxxxA sexy submissive tells a tale of the intense sexual chemistry she shares with her Sir on their first meeting…

I sat in the crowded Cardiff bar, waiting, exactly like He’d asked. I wore my tightest skirt, no panties and my favourite jewelled butt plug, exactly like He’d asked.

The bar was getting busier, louder, but all I could hear was my own racing heartbeat. My juices were coating my thighs, I was so turned on by the potent mix of emotions I was experiencing. Lust, fear, excitement, nerves.

My mind was working a million to the minute, I just needed Him here. I didn’t care if everyone in the place knew I was sat commando with my arse full of smooth glass, waiting for a virtual stranger to come get me. To come for me and make me His.

It was all I’d craved for weeks.

My phone pinged and I fumbled through my bag to find it, my palms sweating with anticipation.

‘Go to the Ladies room, now.’

My eyes flew around the room, He was here?! I couldn’t think, I could hardly breath, but I did as instructed. My slick thighs touched as I walked towards the stairs leading down to the toilets. My 5 inch heels forced me not to rush.

As I reached the bottom step a hand reached out from the darkness and grabbed my wrist. I would have screamed had another not clamped down over my mouth. I was pressed face first against the wall, His warm breath against my sensitive neck.

‘Doesn’t My slut look all pretty for Me?’ he whispered in my ear ‘Tell Me slut, did you follow all of My instructions?’ I nodded furiously, my pussy was practically gushing by now, I wanted so much to please Him…

Slowly, agonisingly slow, He pulled my skirt up to my hips, reached his hands between my thighs from behind to my soaking wet pussy. ‘Fuck, you’re soaked’ He whispered and I whimpered. His fingers slowly searched back to my filled, stretched arse hole…

‘Oh My good little slut’ he growled ‘coming here with your arse stuffed full, just for Me…’

He tapped the base of the plug and I gasped at the exquisite sharp pain it brought. Without warning he sank two fingers into my aching, drenched pussy and I half screamed into his palm, my eyes rolling back into my head.

‘Can you feel that, slut?’ he asked as he stroked inside me ‘Can feel how full you are? Can you imagine how full you’re going to feel when that’s My cock inside you?’

I wanted to scream, beg, cry, anything to get Him to give me exactly that. I didn’t care where we were, I just needed Him to fuck Me, right now.

He took his fingers from me, straightened my skirt and turned me to face Him, watching my face intently as He fed His fingers into my mouth. ‘Taste how much you want Me inside your hot cunt’

I sucked my juices hungrily, eagerly, every inch of me thoroughly under His command. I’d refuse Him nothing. He led me to his car and took me back to His home. No sooner were we through the door and He had me on my knees.

‘Take My cock out’ He demanded ‘I can’t wait a second more to fuck that pretty mouth’

I did as I was told, my mouth watering with anticipation, I couldn’t wait to taste Him, the thought alone had me on the verge of orgasm. I held His thick shaft, at the base, opened my mouth, placed His throbbing tip against my tongue and waited…

I’m a cock hungry slut, but I’m obedient, I knew to wait for my instructions. ‘Lick’ He instructed ‘you’re going to want to get Me nice and wet, slut, I’m going to bury Myself in that hot little arse and this is the only lube you’re getting…’

Ohhhhh fuck, I felt my pussy contract at His nasty words, my arse clenching around the plug. I soaked His entire length with my saliva, long, firm, sloppy licks. I felt His fingers in my hair, gently encouraging my mouth…

All of a sudden I felt His grip change. His hands tightened in my hair, restricting my movement. ‘Look at me, slut’ He growled and I did as He demanded. The second my eyes met His he forced His full length inside my mouth, holding Himself at the back of my throat.

I gagged, my eyes widened it panic at the loss of breath, tears and watery mascara streamed down my face. But I never took my eyes from His. He thought I would fight Him, but I craved His Dominance. I pushed my face further forward still, forcing Him even deeper into my throat.

He groaned, a deep, primal groan. He pulled my face from His cock by my hair and forced me down onto all fours. He yanked my skirt up over my hips and slapped the base of the butt plug. I cried out, every inch of me was on fire, burning for Him.

SLAP! Oh dear God, the pleasure…the pain..it was too much. I can’t remember how many times he spanked the plug, my arse, they all blended into one. It was when he grabbed the base and twisted the plug that I lost all reason, I sobbed with need.

‘Tell Me slut’ He soothed ‘tell Me what you need…’

‘Please, Sir…More!’ I cried

More of Him, more of everything, I just needed…more. Enough to take me over that edge and into blissful oblivion.

He pulled the plug from my arse and threw it to the floor, my mouth opened with a silent scream, but before I could even catch my breath He was in me. Oh God He was so deep inside me. One hard, solid thrust and he was balls deep in my tight arse.

He wasn’t gentle with me, thrust after hard, long, deep thrust he punished my arse. I reached my hand towards my clit, I needed the pleasure to outweigh the pain, I needed to cum for Him, but he slapped my hand away, pinning it behind my back.

‘Mine’ He growled ‘My beautiful pussy, My slut, My pleasure’

I was going to cum, I couldn’t fight it anymore, I was half delirious, crying, begging, pleading…

‘Mmmmmm that’s it, my perfect little slut’ he groaned ‘You beg so pretty for Me. I can feel your need, I’m going to fill your sweet, tight arse with my hot, thick load…take it you beautiful, dirty bitch!’

I felt the first pulse of his violent orgasm at the same time as he thrust two fingers into my pussy…He fucked me hard and fast, with His cock and His fingers, pleasure erupted through me, every single inch of my being was possessed by Him…pleasure like I’d never felt before washed through me, again and again.

I could feel my pussy clamping His fingers, my arse clenching around His cock as His hot cum began to seep from my tight hole….still He fucked me, until…sweet oblivion.

Sweet, dark, unconscious oblivion.




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