Age Gap Lust

milf-jillIt’s 2014 and officially the Year of the Cougar! While our friends across the Atlantic are still chasing college fanny, you only have to see my recent review of 2013 porn statistics to see that the average British man favours the MILF. What I want to know is when is a MILF/GILF too old? Is she ever? And who gets to decide?

I didn’t watch the recent documentary on Channel 5 showing the blossoming love affair of a 78 year old woman and her 39 year old toyboy, but I didn’t miss the hundreds of comments/Tweets/Status updates about it. The general consensus was that it made for awkward if compelling viewing and ‘it’ll never last’, ‘he’s only after her money’.

THE HALF PLUS 7 RULE: A popular urban ‘lad’ rule, half your age and add 7 years, this is apparently the youngest (providing they’re legal!) age that is socially acceptable for you to ‘date’.

National statistics do state that in general most people end up with a partner close to their own age, with only a 3-5 year age gap. It’s not hugely uncommon now for a couple with a 10-15 year age gap to have happy, healthy relationship without raising too many eyebrows.

It’s become almost cliché for an older guy to pull himself a hot young thing during his mid life crisis ‘sports car phase’ and there doesn’t appear to be the outrage that there is when an older woman gets with a younger guy. Sure the majority of people might have given Demi Moore a metaphorical pat on the back when she bagged Mr Kutcher, 15 years her junior, but the amount of media coverage they received spoke volumes, people were shocked.

65% of over 50s are sexually active, 46% stating that they have sex at least once a week. 85% say they feel less pressured during sex now compared to their younger years.

My interest (as usual) is a purely sexual one. If you take away all the ‘they have nothing in common’ and ‘what if you want children’ scenarios of an age gap relationship and just look at it from a purely physical point of view, what’s the issue? Some people find vitality attractive, some prefer maturity. Isn’t it as simple as that?

A recent study has shown that postmenopausal women have a quicker arousal time than premenopause (apparently due tocock-sucking-granny the fear of pregnancy being removed) add that to the confidence that comes with age and that can only add up to a good time, right?

Jane Fonda said in a recent interview ‘I had the best sex of my life at 71’. Fair enough she also admitted to popping testosterone tablets to keep her libido up, but that alone shows the desire for an active sex life. And I’ll put it in writing now, if I need a little help to keep me cumming at that age I’ll pop the pills, wear the patches and rub in the gel #justsayin’.

MILF porn is by far the most popular genre of the moment and the GILF’s aren’t trailing too far behind. Young men find older women attractive. Maybe it’s the Mrs Robinson fantasy. Maybe it’s the comfort of not having to be the one in control, the instigator. Maybe guys have desensitised to fake tan, scouse brows and bleached hair. Or maybe, just maybe some fancy grannies. And that’s ok, because grannies like sex too! And if they can get their kicks with a strapping young man that lusts after them? Well, why the hell not?

You’d be surprised by the number of grannies that get off having phone & text sex (probably to reserve their wholesome images in public), even sending pictures of their wrinkly bits! And trust me I know A LOT of guys who LOVE it…
DSC_0348naughty-housewifePictures taken from my personal collection, Fanny’s Grannies! Top Left:Jill. Middle Right: Heather. Bottom Left: Lisa. Bottom Right:Sandy.

Send me a Tweet @getfanny or comment below to let me know who YOU think is the hottest GILF!

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