Teen Loves Being Fucked By Older Men

hot teenI squealed as I ran up the walkway to my neighbour’s house. It was just my damn luck that it would start to downpour the one time I’d forgotten to grab my umbrella! I was drenched by the time I rang Mr. Thompson’s bell. I shivered as I waited for him to answer the door, silently cursing my decision to wear a white tee and mini skirt. My heart pounded with excitement as I heard him unlock the door. I loved babysitting for him. He was kind, friendly and so damn sexy! I often wondered why his wife had divorced him.

“Clara!” Mr. Thompson’s eyes widened in surprise.

“Hi, Mr. Thompson.”  I grinned at him as he beckoned me inside his beautiful home.

Mr. Thompson shut the door then turned to me. “Jesus, you’re soaking wet.”

I giggled, tossing my blonde locks over my shoulder. “I know! That thunderstorm came outta nowhere!”

“Clara, what are you doing here? I needed you to babysit tomorrow night.”

I frowned, completely embarrassed. “Oh, that’s right. Sorry. Is Connor here? I’ll say hi.”

“No, he’s with his mom. Hey, let me get you a towel.”

I waved my hand. I felt like an idiot! “No, no…that’s not necessary, Mr. Thompson. I’ll just go—“

“You’ll do nothing of the kind.” Mr. Thompson’s handsome face was a mask of concern. “Wait here.”

“O-Okay.” I shivered, trying to ignore the tendrils of lust snaking up through me as I watched him walk down the hallway to the guest bathroom. My nipples ached! I glanced down then groaned. My soft tee was clinging to me, making me tits visible through my bra. Horrified, I moved my arms across my chest as Mr. Thompson returned with a fluffy grey towel.

“Here, let me dry you off.”

I blushed as he began rubbing my hair. “Mr. Thompson, I can do it—“

“Shh…” Mr. Thompson winked at me as he continued his task.

Ohhh…my god! My pussy was getting so wet. I was transfixed by his commanding presence.

“Put your arms down, Clara.”

What could I do? I obeyed then gasped as he brushed the towel over my tits.

“Fuck. You’re so sexy, you know that?”

I smiled at him, pleased by his husky compliment. “You really think so, Mr. Thompson?”

“Hell, yes, and call me Rick.”

I trembled as he stared at me. “Well, I should go.”

Rick nodded. “Probably…but do you want to?”

The dark hunger in his eyes made my heart skip a beat. “No, I don’t.”

“Hmm.” Rick’s gaze dipped to my nipples. “What do you want, Clara?”

I glanced at his impressive hard-on. “I want you to fuck me, Mr. Thompson.”


I giggled. “I want you to fuck me, Rick.”

“Take off those wet clothes. I want to see your gorgeous body.”

My pulse quickened as I stripped out of my sodden clothes. I couldn’t believe I was standing naked in front of Mr. Thompson!

“Ohhh…fuck. You’re so beautiful.”

“Thank you, Rick.” Mmm…I loved the desire I saw in his eyes.

I blinked and he was touching me, teasing my nipples with one hand and playing with my pussy with the other. I moaned with pleasure as he backed me up against the wall. I lifted my face to his and he kissed me. Oooo…he was a damn good kisser!

“Please tell me you’re not a virgin.” Rick unzipped his jeans then pushed them down, revealing his thick cock.

I licked my lips, hungry for him. “I’m not a virgin.” I felt like one though as he turned me toward the wall. “Give it to me, Rick.” I stuck my arse out as he nudged his cock between my bum cheeks.

He filled me a second later, stretching my wet pussy. “Jesus, Clara. You’re so damn tight!”

I could only moan as he fucked me. Mmm…his cock was so big and it felt so good! “Ohhh…yes! Fuck me harder!”

Rick pounded my slick cunt, making me grunt with each deep thrust he gave me.

“I’m going to cum!” Rick growled, pulling his cock from my throbbing pussy.

I quickly turned and fell to my knees, eager to taste his spunk. I opened my mouth as he wanked his dick in front me.

“Argghhhh!! Swallow it all, Clara!”

I did as I was told, gulping down his load. Breathless, I pouted as he helped me up. “Rick, I didn’t cum.”

Rick chuckled. “Don’t worry. You will…many, many times!”

Oooo…I couldn’t wait for more!

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