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sms sex text chat Sweet, shy little Emz, that’s what people think of me. I always lacked confidence and struggle to make new friends. I know it might sound silly, but life literally changed for me when I got my first camera phone. I’d seen these girls taking sexy selfies and posting them all over their Facebook walls and never thought much of it. One day, I was about 19, I climbed out of the shower, looked in the mirror and thought I looked a bit sexy! I’d never really thought of myself that way before. Not wanting to miss the moment, I grabbed my phone and took a selfie…

And that’s when my obsession was born. I looked good! My skin was glowing, my hair looked all sexy and mussed when it was damp, my eyes had a naughty twinkle in them, I took more and more pics. I took sexy selfies in bed when I first woke up, in my car on the way to work, even in the mirrors of public toilets! Every time I looked at myself and thought ‘mmmmmm’ (which was becoming more and more frequent) I took a pic!

Soon I had hundreds and I had no idea what to do with them. As much as I loved them all and it turned me on sooooo much taking them, they weren’t the sort of thing you could post on Facebook, if you catch my drift? No, some were real graphic. Where I’d been playing with myself and wanted to capture every minute of it. I wanted the sight of my spread open pussy as it clenched and creamed caught on camera forever…

I felt so dirty and hot as fuck when ever I did it and I wanted to share that naughty feeling. So I joined a naughty text site and oh my days, I’ve never looked back! I get to show off my sexy selfies to VERY appreciative men and I get to see fat, juicy cocks in return! Win,win! I’m having the time of my life.

My confidence has grown massively and although I’m still shy around new people, now I walk with the strut of a sexually confident woman. Sexting can get quite explicit you know! I’ve learnt ALL kinds of filth and the pics…well I’ve see things I don’t think any boy I could have met at college could have shown me hehe x

Fancy hooking up with Emz for some sms sex text chat and see some of those sexy selfies for yourself?

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