Sexy Domme Punishes Sissy sub

DommeSexy Domme punishes her pathetic, disobedient sub…

Nothing makes my cunt hotter than humiliating pathetic men. I love making them beg and cry. Making their pathetic little cocks cum for me. I’m a strong, sexy Domme and I’m damn good at what I do.

This one sub springs to mind. He was a pathetic little worm like all the others, not worthy of calling himself a man, but I remember him because he tried to defy me and ohhhh how I punished him.

I’d order him to strip and get to his knees, which he did. I told him to crawl to me, which he did. I towered over him in my PVC thigh boots, panties and bra and told him to lick my boots…..he’d refused.

A beautiful, strong, sexy, goddess of a woman, with a maggot of a man on his hands and knees at her feet and he fucking refused me!?

‘Get on your feet you pathetic little shit’ I told him and he did. I circled him, planning my next move.

I stopped in front of him and slowly peeled the PVC panties from my smooth, wet cunt. His eyes were glued to my cunt, he licked his lips, but he wouldn’t be getting a taste, not tonight, my beautiful cunt has to be earnt.

I stepped out of the panties, tossing them at his feet with the toe of my boot. ‘Put them on’, he didn’t move, ‘put. them. on.’ I repeated. He scrambled to do my bidding.

Standing before me wearing my panties, his cheeks flushed, his eyes lowered, I smiled to myself, I was feeling better already. ‘Do you feel me sub?’ I asked ‘Can you feel the hot, wet heat from my cunt in those pretty panties?’ he nodded ‘Good. Because that’s the closest you’ll be getting to it tonight you waste of space. Now back against the wall, arms out to the sides!’

I cuffed him to the wall using leather cuffs and chains. He looked up at me ‘Eyes lowered!’ I demanded ‘ you are not worthy of looking at me directly, do you understand me sub!?’ he lowered his eyes and answered ‘Yes Mistress, I understand’.

His cock was solid, his balls swollen, filling the tight PVC so much so that it must have been causing pain……good, he deserved to fucking ache.

I applied pegs to his nipples, he winced, glancing upwards. I backhanded his face. ‘Look at me again and you can get dressed and leave. Is that what you want!?’ I asked and he shook his head, his cock straining against the PVC even more.

‘No you don’t want to go home do you worm? You need to be punished, you need to be humiliated.’ he nodded in reply, whimpering. I slapped his cock and balls through the PVC and slapped his face again.

‘You disgust me!’ I yelled ‘you’re nothing. Worthless. A pathetic little sissy with a poor excuse for a cock! You think you could please a woman like me? Any woman? with that feeble little thing bitch!? You know you can’t, you know your pitiful, sissy arse is good for nothing! Don’t you!? Don’t you!?!?’

He didn’t answer me, I smacked his face again and raised my knee into his balls, twisting both the pegs attached to his nipples, hard. Mmmmmm how he screamed for me and how I loved every whimper.

I heard a trickling noise, looked down and watched in sadistic glee as he pissed himself. ‘Oh now that, sub, is beautiful. My pathetic little sissy pissing his Mistress’s panties, fucking poetic.’

‘You’re lucky I don’t rub your nose in it like a dog.’ I uncuffed him ‘Get this mess cleaned up and get out. And the next time I ask you to lick my boots you’ll fucking do it.’

Do you get off on verbal humiliation chat?

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