Slutty Wife Takes Anal To Keep Her Job

dirty hot housewife“Rhea!”

I swore under my breath as I went to see what my boss wanted, wishing I’d left with the rest of the staff when I’d had the chance. I smoothed a hand over my dark grey pencil skirt as I entered his office. “Yes, Mr. Scott?”

A scowl marred my boss’s handsome face. “The account I asked you to finish up is riddled with errors, Rhea.”

“It is?” I drank in the sight of him. Mmm…he was so sexy! Just being in his presence made me wet.

“Yes, it is.” Mr. Scott crumpled my work in his hand. “I gave you explicit instructions on how to handle that account and you still managed to fuck it up.”

My nipples hardened as I blushed. “I’m so sorry. Mr. Scott.”

“You’re sorry?” Mr. Scott tossed the ball of paper into the trash.

I nodded. “I am. What can I do to fix this?”

“Nothing. Rhea, you’re fired.”

I gasped, shocked by his harsh words. “W-What? Wait, no! Please! I’ll do anything to make this right.” I suppressed a shiver as Mr. Scott’s dark gaze drifted over me.

“You’re willing to do anything, Rhea?”

“Yes, I am.” I sniffled as I watched him walked past me to close and lock the office door. A tremor of apprehension…or perhaps anticipation zinged up my spine as he pivoted to face me.

“And what if I told you what I wanted had nothing to do with your job and everything to do with your arse?”

I blinked as he came over to me. “M-My arse?”

“Yes, Rhea. I must’ve imagined how good it would be a thousand times.” Mr. Scott glanced down at my tits. “So, what do you say?”

I was flabbergasted by my boss’s offer and more than a little turned on by his naughty admission. “Ummm…I don’t know. I mean I’ve never let anyone fuck my arse.“

Mr. Scott grinned. “That’s a fucking shame. Your bum was made for cock.”

Mmm…I can’t explain what his words did to me. I felt hot…so hot and very, very wet. I’d imagined him fucking me a thousand times too. Well, not my arse but I realized in a nanosecond that I was game. My eyes drifted down to Mr. Scott’s cock imprint. Ooooo…he was hard as hell!

“What’s it going to be, Rhea?”

I dragged my attention off of Mr. Scott’s hard-on to meet his steady gaze. “You can have my arse.”

Mr. Scott smiled. “Excellent. Bend over my desk, Rhea.”

I complied, quivering as he hiked up my skirt, exposing my bum. I gripped the edge of his desk when he yanked my thong to the side then moaned when he delved two fingers into my juicy pussy.

“Fucking hell, Rhea. You’re so damn wet.”

I mewled as he finger-fucked me.

“Open your arse for me, Rhea.”

I did as he asked, overwhelmed by the erotic sensations enveloping me as he dragged his wet fingers from my cunt only to spread my juices around my virgin arsehole.

“Tell me you want me to fuck your arse.”

“I want you to fuck my arse, Mr. Scott!” I winced as he penetrated my bum with one finger. Fuuuccckkk! I questioned my decision as he spat a few times on my arsehole. “Ohhhh…please, I don’t know –“

“Shut up, slut.” Mr. Scott worked two fingers in and out of my slick bum as he undid his zipper.

A moment later I felt his thick cock pressing against my throbbing arsehole.

“What do you want, Rhea?”

“I want you to fuck my arse!” I cried out as he entered me. Oooooo…the feel of him stretching me was so intense! “Oh, my god!” I squeezed my eyes shut as he continued to take me.

“Oh, Rhea! Your arse is far better than I dreamed!”

I couldn’t respond as he began to fuck me, overcome by the pleasure building within me with each hard thrust he gave me. My pussy was dripping! I screamed as I climaxed, dazed by the blissful waves crashing over me.

“Ohhhhh…shit, Rhea! I’m cumming!”

I whimpered as he filled me with his hot load, barely able to move as he pulled his cock from my arse. Breathless, I straightened to see him stuffing his semi-hard dick back into his pants.

“Well done, Rhea.”

I trembled, still enjoying the sweet aftershocks of my incredible orgasm. “D-Do I still have my job?” I glanced at his crotch. “Plus benefits?”

My boss chuckled. “Absolutely, Rhea. Absolutely.”

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