Going Solo

Big boobed divorceeI unwrapped the mystery box my solicitor had given me. A ‘celebration of our divorce’ gift according to the card, written in the familiar chicken scratch my husband- now ex-husband, used. Why the hell would he buy me a gift? Was it some sort of joke?

There was only a layer of scarlet tissue paper between me and the mystery object now.  I hesitated, worried at what I might find. I chastised myself for being so silly. I removed the tissue paper and frowned at what was inside.; a hot pink vibrator. What the fuck?

A card was below it, once again in Richards handwriting, it read: ‘Enjoy the rest of your lonely life, you frigid old bitch!’

I sat staring at the vibrator, taking it into my hands, I tested it for weight and size. Wow, it was quite the monster. I felt a slight flutter in my mid region, at the thought of what this beast could do to me.  Could I? Dare I?

My mind was made up for me, the wetness pooling in my underwear indicated my need for sexual release, I didn’t need a man to do it for me. I thought about what my ex would think and I couldn’t contain my smile, oh yes I had an idea.

I went to my dresser and pulled out the video camera. I flipped it on and positioned it on top the tv at the bottom of my bed.  I sat in front of the camera, ready for action.

‘Hi, honey, thank you very much for my gift, believe me it is very much needed after seven years of unsatisfactory love making,’ I smiled, standing up, removing the sash holding my robe closed. I stood in front of the camera in a black lace bra and matching thong, feeling incredibly daring and sexy.

I laid down on the bed and spread my legs wide, pulling my underwear to the side, giving the camera a perfect shot of my glistening pussy. I grabbed the vibrator again and turned it on to a steady pulse.  I ran it up my dripping slit, moaning at the unfamiliar feeling. My whole body trembled, it was divine.

I pushed it into my wet folds, gasping at the sudden fullness, and fill me it did. I slid it in right up to the hilt, the pulsating working my insides, juicing my pussy further. I slid it in and out at a slow, steady rhythm, trying not to come.  It felt so good, my hips flexed of their own accord. I turned it up to its top setting, the little fingers  assaulting my clit. My climax was building quickly and I was panting wildly. My hips bucked twice and I came, swearing incoherently.

I removed the cock and held it up to the camera,

‘That darling is how to make a woman come, a lesson you could do with learning,’

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