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50 plus gilf I sit with a light blanket over my lap, enjoying the warm evening summer air as the film plays on the large outside screen. The sun is just setting and I can’t think of a more romantic setting as I snuggle in closer to Justin’s side. He kisses my brown hair in a sweet gesture and I sigh audibly. The perfect date is coming to an end.

Families and other couples and dotted all around the lush grass but only one middle aged man and his wife are close to us. Justin deliberately picked a patch of grass away from the masses to afford us a little privacy.

I watch the old couple, scrutinizing their lack of affection. They sit a good foot apart, the woman intent on the movie while her husband looks around himself seeming incredibly bored.

I pull his mouth down to mine, kissing him deeply, feeling the instantaneous buzz of arousal.

We come up for air and I see the sexy glint in Justin’s eyes and feel his blatant erection digging into my hip. Movie forgotten, we continue to lavish each other in brutal kisses as his hand moves under the blanket to caress my thigh.

When his hand slides further up, brushing the edge of my panties I pull away and look at him questioningly.

‘No one will see us Sheila.’ He smirks his trademark bad boy grin and I melt, I would do anything for this young boy. The risk is minimal but I’m horny as hell at the thought of being caught anyway.

I give in by nodding my accent and run my hands through his dark hair, pulling him against me tighter. He rubs his cock along my side and fumbles with my underwear until they’re around my knees. I secure the blanket over the top so no one can see what’s going on unless they angled their head to peer beneath.

His fingers find my clit and I moan as quietly as possible as he rolls it between two fingers.

‘You’re so wet.’ He whispers as he dips two fingers inside of me arcing them to grind against my G-spot.

I hastily unzip his shorts and shove my hand inside to return the favour. He’s marble hard and already has a bead of pre-cum that I rub into his tip. I squeeze him tenderly, and he groans into my hair.

I slide my hand up and down as he finger fucks me with one hand while pushing his other under my top to play with my protruding nipples. I’m not going to last long and I don’t think he will either. Who knew not having sex could be so good?

Alternating between rolling my clit and tickling my G-spot, I can feel my orgasm building. I moan a little too loudly and quickly look around to check no one has noticed.

I gasp as I realise the older man has moved positions so he is laying down and has an uninterrupted view of my wet pussy and Justins pumping fingers. Justin takes my gasp as encouragement and increases his pace and I’m too far gone to stop him. I’m going to cum and the stranger is going to get a full show.

I can’t take my eyes from the man who doesn’t seem bothered that I’ve noticed, as he stares with unveiled lust. His hand is moving frantically inside his pants, fairly well in time with my own hand around Justin’s cock and I realise he’s getting off watching us.

The realization increases my desire tenfold and I climax forcefully, my wet slit clenching around Justin’s fingers. I feel his cock twitch and then he coats my hand in semen.

The man stills staring at my flowing juices and I can tell he has found release without sex too. I remove my hand from Justin’s shorts and suck the cum from my fingers, still holding my gaze with the onlooker, he closes his eyes and I can tell he’s groaning from the strained look on his face.

I pull my panties back up as Justin zips himself and we snuggle back together.

The man adjusts his jeans, and then sits back up; his wife continues to watch the film completely unaware.

Do you love the mature sex mad older lady? Give Sheila a call, she’s horny as hell and up for anything…

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