My Sexy Scrum with England Rugby Lion!

RugbyGirl3So I’ve never really been one for sport, but when my friend scored a couple of tickets to the England rugby match she sold the idea to me with the temptation of all the men that would be there! Never one to waste an opportunity to get my pussy filled I was well up for it.

We arrived early and the stadium was half empty, so we did the only logical thing, headed straight for the bar!

It didn’t take long for a guy to approach me. A big burly guy, he told me he was ‘with the England team’ and everyone who walked passed seemed to know who he was.

Well, well it seemed like I was going to get my claws into a real England lion! Eat your heart out WAGS!

By my second drink my hands had found their way to his cock and could feel how hard he was for me through his trousers. I leaned forward and whispered ‘I want to suck your cock, right now…’.

His eyes lit up, he grabbed my hand and led me out of the bar, down a few corridors and into what looked like a cupboard turned dressing room. I briefly caught sight of a massive, fluffy lions head, but I didn’t have much time to take it in before I was urged to my knees.

Mmmmmm his cock was massive! I had to stretch my lips and jaw wide to get it all in and he had to thrust hard to get it to the back of my throat. I went to town on that bad boy, putting in my best performance, after all this was a guy about to represent his country! The least I could do was send him out there with drained balls and a smiling face…

I licked and sucked, nibbled and teased with my warm, wet, slutty mouth as I teased his heavy balls with my nimble fingers. He tasted so musky and manly and mmmmmm delicious. His big hands were wrapped in my hair tight and he fucked my face harder and deeper now, mmmmmm yeah he was close.

I sucked harder and he groaned, pulling me to my feet by my hair and spinning me so my back was against the wall. I could tell he was athletic with the speed he had my jeans off, my legs around his waist and his cock buried balls deep inside me!

I had to press my face into his big burly shoulders to muffle my cries of pleasure. Ohhhh fuck yes! So big, so hot, so fucking good!

He pounded my pussy hard and deep, just how I fucking love it and within minutes I was gushing sweet juices all over his massive cock and balls. Mmmmmm his hands squeezed my arse cheeks so hard I knew I’d have bruises, I felt his cock twitch inside me and oh God, hot, thick spurts of cum filled me as his teeth clamped down on my shoulder. I couldn’t stop myself from crying out or from cumming again!

Wow, what a fucking ride. I nipped into the en suite to compose myself and came back out to find myself face to face with… a lion! Yup, I hadn’t just fucked the next aspiring England rugby legend, I’d fucked the mascot! Typical.

He lifted the large, fluffy head from his shoulders, grinning from ear to ear and said ‘I gotta get out there, thanks for the ride’ and with a cheeky wink he popped his head back on and squeezed his way out the door.

To be fair it had been a good ride and the match was pretty adrenaline filled too, I can see myself getting into this England rugby lark…

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