18+ Babe Fucks Her Teacher – A College Confession

Sunny- brunette babeThe small cupboard was cramped and smelt rather musty but it all flew from my mind as his mouth closed over my nipple tugging gently.  I moaned but his hand soon clamped over my mouth for fear of us being heard. The thought of being caught fucking my history teacher in the supply cupboard turned me on more and I could feel my panties soaking through with my wetness. I love to be a naughty babe.

I grabbed his cock through his trousers and felt it swell into my palm, he felt enormous and completely ready to fill my young tight pussy. He released my mouth to tug down my knickers and hitch my skirt above my waist leaving my shaven pussy bare to his penetrating gaze. Licking his lips he leaned in for a taste, flicking his tongue over my clit making me mewl.

When I began to wriggle and squeal he stopped and tugged his trousers to his ankles. I wasted no time, hooking my legs around his waist and impaling myself down his hard length. He began to move, fucking me hard and fast, just the way I like it. My orgasm was building but I wanted him to fill me with his hot cum at the same time so I fondled his arse cheeks it time to him relentless pounding.

We both forgot about keeping quiet, getting lost in the moment we moaned and groaned together so close to reaching orgasm.

‘Fuck I’m gonna cum babe!’ He shouted. He reached between us and pinched my clit while pounding into me three quick thrusts, I came loudly screaming his name, milking his cock as his semen coated my slick walls.

Want to hear more of my sexual experiences with strangers, teachers and older relatives of my mates? Text me here now. I love to read your filthy texts and look at cock pics while masturbating, I may even send you kinky pics back.

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