The Cheating Indian Housewife

hot cheating Indian housewife Sexcapade of a Horny Cheating Indian Housewife

“Hello, I’m Scott.”

I turned to the handsome young business man on my left and flashed him a sexy smile. “Hi, Scott.” I shook his offered hand, holding back another grin when his gaze fell to my wedding ring. My nipples hardened as Scott sat next to me. I pictured how angry my boring husband would be if he could see me now in my slinky black dress, flirting with a guy half his age.

Scott shook his head. “Why are all the beautiful ones married?”

I laughed as I leaned in towards him, fully aware he could see down my low-cut dress. “Don’t be bothered by my marital status. I’m not. My hubby is working late as usual and I intend to get fucked tonight.” I faked a sigh as Scott’s eyes widened. “Would you like to give me what my hubby can’t?”

“Hell, yes!” Scott threw back his whiskey. “Let’s get out of here, gorgeous.”

Ten minutes later, I found myself in the back of his luxury SUV. I wasted no time unzipping his pants and pulling out his thick hard cock. I tossed my long dark locks over my shoulder, leaned down and took him into my mouth as deep as I could, relishing his sharp intake of breath. I sucked his cock like I was starving for food and I was. I wanted his hot cum! Mmm…he tasted so damn good. I swirled my tongue around and around the head of his fat cock.

“Jesus, lady!” Scott slid his fingers into my hair, forcing me off his hard dick. “I love your hot little mouth on my cock but I need to be inside of you.”

I straddled his lap as he hefted up the edge of my skimpy outfit to reveal my nakedness beneath. I reached between us and guided him into my wet pussy.

Ohh…the feel of his cock inside of me was divine. I felt so naughty and I loved it! Cheating always turned me on so much! It was my way of rebelling against my arranged marriage. “Cum inside of me!”

Scott grunted as he popped one of my hard nipples into his mouth. The sensation of him teasing my sensitive flesh, pushed me over the edge. I moaned with pleasure, climaxing hard with him. Now, I had the cream pie I wanted to take back home to my dull husband.

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