Candy Crush Saga

cum and experience the candy crush sagaAre you addicted to Candy Crush Saga? Do you wake up in the morning and need your fix, can’t wait to finish work and try again? Well that’s exactly the affect I have on my subs. They crave me, live their life from one fix to the next, I consume their every waking thought.

And I know the feeling! That game had me frustrated to my limits. I’d been stuck on a particular level for weeks! I’d just lost my last life and frustration was seeping into every inch of me – when my phone beeped. It was one of my many pathetic, yet loyal subs. Ahhhhh the perfect object for me to vent my frustration out on. The particular level I was stuck on was one of those pesky chocolate ones! I ordered my sub to first coat his cock in chocolate and send me a pic, if he was any longer than 30 minutes he’d earn himself a punishment!

Twenty minutes later I sat smiling at the dark chocolate smothered cock pic on my phone. Good boy. But I wasn’t yet satisfied, humiliation was the order of the day and this lucky fucker was going to oblige or feel my wrath. Next I ordered him to dot jelly beans and sweeties all over his cock and balls and would you believe…he did. Mmmmmmm sugar rush! Even better than the kind on Candy Crush Saga!

For being such a good obedient sub I permitted him to cum for his Mistress, only when his hot, thick, warm cum was mingled with the chocolate and sweets would I be satisfied. I wanted long, firm, tight strokes, all the while imagining his Mistress’s eyes on him, her flogger at the ready to lash out and whip him with if he wasn’t following my EXACT orders. I almost wanted him to put a foot wrong today so that the next time I saw him I could deliver a flogging to his bare arse cheeks of the likes he’d never known before.

My adrenalin was racing, my heart pounding, my palms sweaty, oh if only I could get my hands and my whip on him today! My pussy juices were dripping on to my thighs with the knowledge he was sat in his kitchen obediently wanking his chocolate and sweetie covered cock for no other reason than I had willed it. No more than 5 minutes later and my phone beeped again, I opened the pic and couldn’t contain my laugh. There he was, a spent cum/chocolate coated cock. His thighs and hands were covered, sweets littered the floor, what a pathetic mess, mmmmmm delicious.

I commended his efforts and instructed him to clean up and get back to whatever it was he was doing, Mistress Candy was done playing with him for today. That little session had alleviated some of my frustration, but I knew it wouldn’t be long before it built again and some other submissive soul would have the role of appeasing me. In the meantime, I need to complete that damn level!

Do you need someone to take their Candy Crush Saga frustration out on you? Or do you just fancy some HOT Dominatrix phone sex?! Get everything you need for YOUR addiction!

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