Cage Slave Needs A New Master

submissive caged sex slaveThe cane came down on my arse hard with a satisfying ‘thwack’ as it rebounded off my soft cheeks, I squealed and wriggled, so glad I had been naughty and needed punishing. The cane came down once more, pelting my already tender skin before my master threw it aside and swiftly entered him fingers into my dripping cunt.

‘You’re so wet already, you enjoy being punished a little too much, don’t you Skylar?’ He said, whilst pumping his fingers in and out of my slick channel.

‘Yes master.’ I ground out, trying to communicate through my panting and moaning.

Master quickly withdraws, knowing that I’m nearing orgasm already. After he flips me over and I try to pull his naked body on top of me. He pulls back tutting, ‘You know what happens when you try to touch without permission.’ I do and I fucking love it.

He restrains my wrists and ankles to the four corners of the bed leaving me spread wide and completely nude for his perusal, I swear I could explode from his penetrating gaze alone.

‘Do you want my cock? Want me to fuck you hard and fast until you’re screaming?’

‘Yes, master!’ I moan out loud.

‘Yes what?’ He asks as he leans over me, suckling my nipple into his mouth.

‘Yes, please master, I’ll do anything!’

Entering me swiftly, he rammed his cock up to the hilt as I shrieked. He began pounding into me, jerking my bindings and causing tantalising pain around my wrists and ankles.

He pinched my nipples giving me the edge I needed to scream out my orgasm. The waves of pleasure crashing over me and he jerked his hot cum inside of me, pulling out to finish the last over my flat stomach.

Do you have what it takes to become my new master? Call or text me and take command. I love pain and passion combined and could be the perfect little slave for you.

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