Sex With A Stranger – A Slutty Saturday Bus Ride

sex with a stranger eroticaSex with a stranger, Hot MILF Hazel tells all in this filthy true story sex confession.

After dropping off the little ones at mum’s for the weekend, I decided to ride the bus into town for some shopping. As it was Saturday, I wasn’t surprised that it became quite crowded. Suddenly, I felt what I thought was someone’s bulge on my shoulder. I sat on an aisle seat, so being bumped isn’t unusual, but this was different!

He was tall with an average build. There was an exotic look to him, absolutely delicious in my eyes. I could also confirm at this point that he was indeed pressing his cock against my shoulder! This would have been creepy to a normal gal, but it turned me on. I felt my pussy getting wet as my clit started to harden. Squeezing my legs together I bit down on my lower lip. I didn’t want to give into my perversions, but I failed as I seductively squirmed to the back of the bus. It was still very crowded when I spotted the perfect handlebar to grab onto. To my delight, my new friend followed, and stood behind me, grabbing onto the same handlebar. He pressed his hard tool against me which made me shiver uncontrollably. When he realised how excited I was, he bumped my arse even harder. The juices began to trickle in between my thighs, and I wanted more! I noticed the bus cleared out a bit. I didn’t want to totally give myself away, so we went to the upper level where it was now empty. I then unzipped his trousers, and teased him with a quick, but sensual wank. I couldn’t wait any longer hearing his moans, and observing his gyrating hips. I pushed him down on a seat, and slowly grinded my wet cunt on him. It’s a good thing that I wore a skirt. He held my knickers to the side as I wildly hopped up, and down, taking ALL of him inside. This total stranger felt like heaven. His finger circled my love button, and that’s when I saw fireworks! The orgasm was so intense that I had to suck on my tongue to keep from screaming. What did I just do?

I lifted myself up from my mystery man’s lap, and gathered myself. Without glancing at him, I went to the lower level of the bus, and sat as if nothing ever happened. I had another 10 minutes until my destination to sit, and ponder about my slutty habits that I absolutely LOVE!

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