Shirley Loves Sex With Strangers

BBW BustyHe was staring at me from across the bar, I smoothed my red dress down self consciously. It was a daring choice, scarlet and extremely short.

I got up and swayed my generous hips over to his side. We shared a coupleof drinks and made small talk,I didn’t ask his name and he didn’t ask mine.

I don’t know what came over me, I pulled his shirt collar and drew him into a deep kiss. I explored his mouth with my tongue, tasting a mix of the fruit cocktail with a minty undertone. He wrapped his arms around me, reciprocating my need. We continued tasting each other as he caressed my shoulders, his hand slipped down to the upper curve of my breast and I pulled back gasping.

‘Woah,’ he removed his hand from my chest, ‘sorry I forgot where we were for a moment.’

I hadn’t forgotten, the fact that we were in a club full of people only increased my arousal. I needed this man and I couldn’t wait.

Acting quickly, before I could change my mind, I grabbed his hand and dragged him through the throng of gyrating bodies on the dance floor, shouting ‘lets dance!’ over the pounding beat.

We began to move, rubbing against each other like teenagers. He slipped his hands around my waist, pulling me even closer so we were barely swaying to the rhythm. The heady scent of his aftershave was driving me wild, I slipped my hand into the front of his jeans, down behind his boxer shorts, taking a firm grasp of his cock. I felt it harden in my hand, reacting to my touch.

‘Oh, you’re naughty,’ he whispered into my ear. I squeezed his throbbing cock in response.

‘You really wanna play that game?’ I gasped as his hand moved from my waist, to under my skirt. He rubbed the lace of my underwear, causing heat to pool low in my belly. He continued to stroke my clit and I matched his rhythm, causing his dick to jerk beneath my touch.

‘Oh fuck this,’ he quickly withdrew his hand, leaving me wanting, I followed suit, his hard on was still visible, straining against the fabric of his jeans. He grabbed my hand and pulled me in the direction of the toilets. He stopped outside the men’s, then shaking his head, moved on and dragged me inside the ladies. We quickly dived inside the nearest stall, hoping not to be soon.

As soon as he locked the door, I opened his jeans, yanking them down along with his boxer shorts. His impressive erection sprung free. I  fell to my knee’s and took his engorged tip into my mouth and swirled my tongue around, he moaned and dragged his fingers through my hair, he pushed my head forwards, making me take him deeper into my mouth. I fucked him with my mouth slowly, drawing out each suck.
strangers, read her first experience here!
‘Stop, or I’m going to come in your mouth!’ he groaned. I sped up my pace, then cupped his balls giving them a firm squeeze. ‘Fuck!’ I felt his hot jism coat my tongue, I swallowed it greedily, loving the salty taste. I stood up licking the remnants from around my mouth.

Afterwards we didn’t exchange numbers and never saw each other again and I realised then, that’s the way I like it!

Would you like to hear more of my filthy antics with strangers? Text me here . I love to send naughty pics too 😉


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