Ebony Babe Gives Foot Job

leilanifeetSome guys find it weird you know, my ‘foot thing’, I’ve just always been turned on by guys playing with my feet. I’ve known it from the first time my first boyfriend threw my legs into the air and sucked my toes into his mouth as he fucked me hard and filled me with his spunk.

Mmmmmm it was so fucking hot, I swear I nearly passed out I came so hard. I do meet guys who share my kink occasionally, especially working in a shoe shop in Bell Green, there’s always the odd one who can’t resist a foot job comment.

Sometimes, there’s a pure stroke of sexual luck and I meet a fellow kinkster by pure chance. Like the last time my friends and I went to the beach and we met a group of lads. We were all flirting, chatting and I ended up staying behind with one of the guys when everyone else left, he was soooo fucking hot! And I could tell his cock was massive in his tight little shorts!

I had a massive wet spot in my bikini bottoms that I knew he could see. We had a little kiss and he played with my titties under my tiny little bikini top, mmmmmmm my dark nipples were rock hard in his fingers and I was so fucking ready to make him cum for me.

That’s when he suddenly stopped, picked up my bottle of sun cream and asked if he could massage….my feet! I was stunned at first, but nodded. I watched in a trance as he poured the thick, white cream into his palm and swiped big globs of it onto first one foot, then the other.

It was cool against my hot skin and I gasped. From the first touch of his fingers against my soles my clit was throbbing with need. ‘Oh God….’ I groaned as he pushed his thumbs into my arches. ‘You like that?’ he asked and I could tell by the hard bulge in his shorts that he sure did. He was harder from playing with my feet than he had been playing with my tits.

‘I fucking love it’ I told him ‘playing with my feet is a sure way to get your balls drained Mr’.

He massaged a little harder, rubbed a little quicker, his breathing had deepened. Oh yeah he was a kinky fucker, just like me. ‘I wonder…’ I said, knowing he was gagging for a foot job, ‘If we popped that towel over your lap and took your cock out of those shorts, how long it would take you to cum all over my toes….’

‘Oh fuck!’ he muttered and did exactly as I’d said. Mmmmmmmmmm his smooth, fat, throbbing cock was pulsating between my slick, soft arches. My slippery, polished toes were rubbing against the leaking head.

We didn’t care who saw, all that mattered right then was stroking his cock with my bare feet. Feeling him twitch and pulse with the need to cum, the need to coat my sexy little toes with his spunk.

His hands were clenching the sand, his hips were lifting with every stroke, his teeth were gritted and the need to cum was all over his face. ‘You like me wanking you with my sexy feet you dirty little fucker?’ I asked ‘right here on the beach where anyone could see? Are you going to cum for me you horny fucking bastard?’

Mmmmmmmm he nodded and swore, ‘Ohhhhh yes, you’re ready’ I said, squeezing my feet around his shaft harder, faster… ‘cum for me you nasty foot fucking cunt…’

‘Ohhh ohhh fuccckkkkk you dirty, dirty biiitch…’ he cried as hot, thick spunk flew from his cock to my feet, mmmmmmmm it slid down the tops of my feet, lubed the last few strokes of my soles against his shaft and ooozed between my toes.

What a perfectly kinky end to a day! We swapped numbers and he rejoined his friends. I lay on the sand catching the last few rays of the sun, savouring the feel of his cum still coating my feet, mmmmmm bliss, I do love a good foot job.





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