Bad Babysitter

emma_1 Barely legal, bad babysitter fucks the man of the house…

I don’t mind babysitting, it’s easy money and a bonus if I can get myself fucked by the boss. They always try and resist at first, but I’m used to getting my own way.

I did a spot of baby sitting last week. Mr G, as he likes to be called is a hot shot banker. He has two cute kids, a beautiful trophy wife and big, posh house.

I’ve babysat once or twice for them, the kids were always settled in bed by the time I got there and rarely woke.

I turned up at the house last week. I’d deliberately worn my shortest skirt and tightest top. I hadn’t fucked Mr G, yet, but I had him firmly in my sights.

He answered the door in his work suit, looking a little flustered ‘Errr Hi Emma, come on in, we’re running a little late I’m afraid. Mrs G got held up at work. The children are all settled and asleep, I just have to grab a quick shower.’

My eyes lit up at the thought of climbing in the shower with him. He made his way quickly towards the stairs ‘Errr just make yourself comfortable’ he said ‘I won’t be long’.

When he emerged from the bathroom, just a small towel around his waist, I was lying naked in the middle of his bed. His jaw dropped at the sight of my young, firm flesh. ‘You said to make myself comfortable…’ I said, a mock look of innocence on my face.

He stuttered and froze, he looked torn as to whether to fuck me senseless or tell me to get the hell out of his house. I knew which one I wanted!

‘You know…’ I murmured as I began stroking my hands all over my body ‘last month when you went to that charity ball? I laid on this bed, in your wife’s underwear and fucked myself silly.’

I pushed two fingers slowly inside my tight, wet pussy. His towel tented almost instantly at the sight of me fingering myself right in front of him, on his marital bed.

‘MMMMMMM I came so hard’ I continued, arching into my own touch ‘I imagined you fucking me, so hard, so deep, right here on this bed.’

He groaned, but still didn’t make a single move towards me. ‘I just…I get so…..hungry. I ache so bad. My pussy……aches……so bad’ I fingered myself, harder, faster, holding his gaze. ‘Won’t you help me? Help me stop the ache, fuck me, ohhhh please fuck me.’

The towel fell to the floor, revealing his huge, thick, raging hard cock as he lunged towards me. His mouth was on mine in a second, kissing me hard, deep. Mmmmm His hands were all over me.

He broke from the kiss and said ‘You asked for this little girl’ I smiled and replied ‘Begged for it’. No preliminaries, no foreplay, he held my hands above my head, clamping my wrists together in one large hand and rammed his cock into my tight, hot, wet pussy.

My mouth fell open on a silent scream such was the force of his thick length stretching my tight little pussy. I gritted my teeth together to stop from crying out and clenched my pussy hard.

‘Oh fuck’ he murmured ‘so fucking tight. You dirty little cock teasing bitch, I’m going to fill you so fucking hard.’

Ohhhhh God I could feel my orgasm building, feel his cock throbbing. ‘Cum for me Emma’ he said ‘cover me you naughty little slut’

Mmmmmmm his filthy words together with his pounding cock made me erupt. My pussy clenching and spasming so hard he couldn’t stop himself from cumming too. Ohhhhh ohhhhh he didn’t stop pounding even as he came, drawing my orgasm out longer and longer while he pumped my pussy full of delicious hot, thick cum.

Mmmmmm that was just what I had wanted, needed. I smiled, a satisfied smile at having gotten my own way.

Half an hour later I waved them off, smiling at Mrs G, her husbands cum still oozing from my pussy and drying on my thighs.

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