Daisy Rock Interview


Daisy at Home…

Do you have a pet? If you do, what is it? Got a picture? If you don’t, what would you have if you could?
Yes my lovely dog,  Lupo, I share him with my amazing business partner, he is like a little lamb, but when he sees another dog, he wants to rip it’s throat out.

Do you ever forget to put your knickers on when you go out?
I wear knickers when I’m naked , when I’m dressed I do not.

What’s the perfect Sunday morning for you?
Waking up with a big fat cock in my face with a lovely boy, and then breakfast at a local Brighton café watching the world go by.

Is there anything legal that you wouldn’t do?
Yes, Vote. I’m up for a revolution!

Are you superstitious? Ever been to a psychic? Do you believe in magic?
I believe I make my own magic, I can make cocks disappear!

Have you ever had any embarrassing moments when people have recognised who you are?
I’m always recognised, and its fun, one time I was out for drinks and a fan said to me, Oh My God I wanked over you this morning so hard that I came in my own face. The other embarrassing one is security recognise me at airports and yes they always go for an extra search, and they laugh. Not funny guys, they are naughty.

If people haven’t seen you in a movie yet can you suggest your favourite or just one you think they would enjoy?
I would definitely suggest Pornography, it is up for the Paul Raymond Award and it has a great selection of my most diverse scenes. From a Fan Fuck to a sensual Girl/Girl. Buy it NOW.

Do you have a bear or a favourite inanimate object that you take to bed with you? Describe?
Yes I do, I have a favourite vibrator that I always take to bed with me, I call it Spartacus.

If you could give an award what would it be for and who would you give it to?
If I could give an award it would be to Trash my fantastic friend and webmaster of www.daisyrockuk.com. He is responsible for filming all my movies and editing, takes all my photos and tends to all of my website. He is a walking, talking miracle and funny as Hell.

What’s been the highlight of your career so far?
Wow OK there has been so many. Well I get to live this amazing lifestyle that is one major highlight, but my highlights have been hosting USA’s largest swingers party for 10,000 people in Miami. Making two mainstream movies off of the back of my Porn Films and having the most dedicated fans one could ever wish for and shagging some great A List celebrities. Well one would wouldn’t they?

What’s the one thing you’re guaranteed to order from the menu?
The best of what’s on offer, I never settle for second best.

Where can people find you at your filthiest?
Definitely at www.daisyrockuk.com

Daisy in Bed…

What do you like more, giving or receiving oral sex?
I will not separate, I absolutely love both.

Do you masturbate? When? Where? How often?
Yes always, but mainly after sex, my boyfriends love that about me.

Some women enjoy foreplay more than sex, do you enjoy foreplay?
I love foreplay more than sex, there is so much to it. I love foreplay whilst having sex to.

What gets you wet?
Strong men, a very intellectual conversation, long hair and when a man wears no pants under jeans.

What’s the most guys you’ve ever been fucked by in one session? Was it on film or just for fun?
For fun mainly, but I fucked them to, I will not say how many.

Who gave you the best sex you ever had?
I’ve had amazing sex with lots of people I love sex with who I’m fucking at the moment generally speaking. However I really do believe that I have not had the best sex I can have yet.

Who gave you your first orgasm? Was it with yourself,girlfriend, boyfriend?
My first orgasm was with myself, I was very young and hanging out with my boy mates in our play garage, they used to like to watch and it was the only way I could get them to do it to.

What is your favourite sex toy?
My fucking machine.

Does size matter?
Yes and No. That is all I have to say about that.

Daisy in Fantasy Land…

Combine 3 people to make your perfect man.
Johnny Depp, Jean Reno, Tyson Beckford

Sex or shopping? Which would you choose? Half an hour of sex with Johnny Depp or half an hour of shopping with Roman Abramovich’s credit card?
You are not nice people. How can you do that and I love shopping.

Do you have any unfulfilled sexual fantasies?
Many, shopping with Johnny Depp on Roman Abramovich’s credit card.

You got a bit wrecked last night and can’t quite remember what happened, who would you rather find in bed next to you when you wake up? Wayne Rooney or Shrek?
Definitely Shrek.

What do you find more attractive in a man? Money or Power (presume both have a big cock)?
I am not this type of girl as I find intellect and talent attractive, but if I have to choose a man powerful enough to have money.

Would you like to direct a porn movie? Tell us the plot.
Yes and I have done. My next will be with Frenchesque love undertones with the passion of an Italian man with a British woman. OOOO there goes another sexual fantasy.

Do you have a favourite football team? Which players balls would you most like to find in the back of your net?
I like watching all teams especially the Blues, but I really fancy the manager of Tottenham. He is sexy as.

Do you squirt?
Yes I do and it’s fun, but not as fabulous as a non gushing Orgasm.

What’s a better 3sum for you? You and two guys or you with one guy and one girl?
Definitely me and two guys, that’s easy. I love men.

What’s the strangest thing you ever been asked to do on camera?
Fuck in a used church. OH my be Jesus … I did not do it, NO WAY.

Spit or swallow?
I’m a natural swallower but spitting is fun and I love mess.

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