Quickie with Fanny: Tammy Oldham


NAME: Tammy Oldham

AGE: 33

PROFESSION: Dirty Cammer Bitch

What’s the most unusual thing you’ve been asked to do in your line of work?
Shit on somebody – yes actually shit! & no I didn’t do it, I just can’t imagine squeezing one out and trying to be sexy lol!!!

If you ruled the country (and seeing as we’re a bit skint) which of the following would you tax? Banking or Wanking?
I couldn’t tax wanking has I’d end up with the biggest bill ever!

Who’s sexier? Jeremy Clarkson or Homer Simpson?
Hard question erm!

What do you like to wear under a short skirt? Panties? Boy shorts? Frenchies? Thong? Nothing?
Absolutely nothing!

Who would you rather have in your bed? William? Kate?
Both and Kates sister – shes hot too!

What’s the shortest time you’ve known someone before having sex with them?
A couple of mins

Who would you rather have a threesome with? Cameron & Clegg? Ant & Dec? The Mitchell Bruvvas ?
Its gotta be Ant and Dec.

Does your mum know what you do?

What’s the temptation you can’t resist?
I good tongue – man or woman.

Does size matter?
Yeah man!

What’s your sexual speciality?

Where can we see more of you?
Adult work:  www.adultwork.com/TammyOldhamTaylor

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