Quickie with Fanny: Alisha Rydes


NAME: Alisha Rydes

AGE: 40 plus lol

PROFESSION: Porn/Glamour Model and TV Presenter Bluebird

What’s the most unusual thing you’ve been asked to do in your line of work?
Was asked to squat over a guy and deposit some excrement so he could eat it, definitely declined lol

If you ruled the country (and seeing as we’re a bit skint) which of the following would you tax? Banking or Wanking?
Definitely Wanking would earn a fortune lol

Who’s sexier? Jeremy Clarkson or Homer Simpson?
Ummm what a choice probably Jeremy Clarkson but neither really lol

What do you like to wear under a short skirt? Panties? Boy shorts? Frenchies? Thong? Nothing?

Who would you rather have in your bed? William? Kate?
Both actually lol

What’s the shortest time you’ve known someone before having sex with them?
Well doing porn about 5 mins but in everyday life an hour lol

Who would you rather have a threesome with? Cameron & Clegg? Ant & Dec? The Mitchell Bruvvas?
Great choices , lol, probably The Mitchell Bruvvas they would be dirty lol

Does your mum know what you do?
She does but obviously not in detail

What’s the temptation you can’t resist?
A man wanking in front of me

Does size matter?
Well about 6 to 8 inches is perfect , lol

What’s your sexual speciality?
Ooh I have been told I have great skills lol but would say a blow job

Where can we see more of you?
On Bluebird and several well known websites

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