Top 10 Reasons Why Women Like One Night Stands

Why Women Like One Night StandsThe Top 10 Reasons Why Women Like One Night Stands

Let’s get one thing straight guys. Not all of us girls want the comfort, or security of a relationship. I mean, a sexy kitten like me wants to have her cock, excuse me, CAKE, and eat it too! This brings me to the top 10 reasons why us Vivacious Ladies LOVE one night stands.

  1. I’m a “free spirit”, and I want to FUCK whoever I want…and then forget about them when it’s over. Out of sight, out of mind.
  2. The power of leaving you mesmerized is quite intriguing. We Love the thrill of driving you wild, and making you moan our names, just to never call you again!
  3. Simply put, control is fun! In other words, you cum when I call, and leave when I’m done with you.
  4. We sometimes get turned on not knowing anything about you, including your name. Mystery itself can be oh so seductive.
  5. We can skip the emotions of wondering if you’re ever going to call back afterwards. Who needs that kind of stress?
  6. Ugh, we don’t want potentially clingy guys hogging our space. Let a girl breath why don’t ya!
  7. Different guys have different turn ons that we get to learn about. We have the pleasure of picking up new tricks with one, and trying it with the next!
  8. Some guys aren’t worth the one night stand anyway, but still add to the fun, and variety of tasting the rainbow without guilt. Am I the only one who rates my victims?
  9. It’s more exciting than sex with the same person all of the time. Apologies, but my attention span is somewhat atrocious as it is.
  10. If the sex is horrific, we don’t have to think of excuses regarding avoiding your calls.
  11. Well, there you have it! And fellas, don’t act as if you don’t do it to us ALL the time. I guess we can just classify it as, the circle of single life lol.

And for you ladies who have a not so good “One Night Stand” now and again, here’s a HILARIOUS tip that will be sure to make him run…and NEVER return! How have I not thought of this?

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