Top 10 Reasons Why Wives Say No to Sex

husband and wife in bed funny cartoon photoWe all know that clichéd excuse of ‘Not tonight babe I’ve got a headache’ but why do married women REALLY say no to sex? A Better in Sex survey revealed the Top 10 Reasons Why Wives Say No to Sex and I’m here to give you some insight into how you can avoid hearing that pesky ‘No’.

10. 15.2% say ‘I feel it’s all he wants me for’

I’m pretty sure this isn’t true, I mean there’s loads of things a man wants a wife for other than sex. Washing, cooking, ironing…I jest, I jest! I’m not going to preach to you about making your wife feel valued and adored, but just be aware of her feelings, especially if you’re hoping to get some action!

9. 16.4% say ‘I don’t like how I look’

Women are beautiful, sexual creatures and ALL women should feel that way. If you want your wife to act like a Sex Goddess, you should start by making her feel like one. Compliment her and touch her often (without it always having the intention of sex, at least at first), teach her to associate your touch with feeling confident and sexy.

FANNY FACT:84% of women say they DO have sex to get their man to help out around the house

8. 16.4% say ‘It would take too much time and effort to reach climax’

Now you know I love you guys and I’m not saying it’s all down to the men of the world, but oh my days, a whopping 84% of women say they have faked an orgasm at least once in their lives. Now I’m sure I left a copy of the Kama Sutra around here somewhere…

7. 17.5% say ‘He’d thinks it means everything is ok and it’s not’

Never underestimate a woman scorned and all that jazz. Well if you’ve pissed her off there’s little I can do to help you there my friends, just ride out the storm and hope for sunnier days to come soon.

6. 19.9% say ‘Physical pain’

Now if this is a legitimate headache, illness or injury, we can let poor wifey off, painful sex is not cool (unless you’re into that type of thing and giving she’s saying no, I’m guessing she’s not). Two thirds of women sometimes experience pain before or after sex, but ongoing pain is never normal and needs to be checked out. Learn to read the signs, if your wife seems to be in discomfort, talk to and reassure her, she may well be embarrassed about it, but ignoring it will make life harder for you both.

why women say no to sex

5. 29.2% say ‘He’s been rude to me recently’

There are some women who get off on the whole angry sex thing, sadly most do not. Aswell as being beautiful, sexual creatures, women are also by and large, stubborn as f*ck. If you’ve spoken to her out of turn on nookie night then I’m afraid you’ve shot yourself in the proverbial foot.

4. 29.8% say ‘Stressed’

Ugh. Stress, the libido killer! You may feel a bit silly and some sort of romcom wannabe, but running her a bath, pouring her a glass of wine, offering a foot rub, cooking the tea, any or all of the above, might not having her swinging from the chandeliers, but trust me she’ll remember a small token of helpfulness the next time she says ‘yes’ to some mattress action.

FANNY FACT: The average couple spend 20 minutes on foreplay.

3. 44.4% say ‘We haven’t connected emotionally’

Awwww you’ve married a sensitive soul who wants the intimacy that comes with sex as much as the orgasm. If you’re feeling horny and the Mrs is feeling emotionally disconnected it just so happens I have the perfect solution, Tantric sex! Here’s four easy tips for beginners in the art of prolonging sexual pleasure and building stronger intimate bonds with your partner.

2. 49.1% say ‘It’s late/getting up early in the morning’

Life’s busy in the 21st century and no one seems to have as much time as they’d like for the things they enjoy doing most. Somedays it’s all go go go and after a long hard day knowing you’re up early to do it all over again the next day will often be a passion killer, that’s fair enough. I can’t give you more hours in the day, but I can suggest going to bed /setting the alarm a little earlier. After all we all feel a little more energetic after a good bout of morning sex right?

1. 66.7% say ‘Too tired’

And there it is, the most common reason why wives say no to sex! When you’re tired and exhausted and all you need is a good, solid night’s sleep,NO2SEX1 there’s nothing better for you than lazy sex session! It’s a medical fact that exercise leads to a sounder night’s sleep. Sex is exercise, therefore medically recommended! Try it for yourself ‘Lay back hunny, relax, let me do all the work, you’ll have a much better night’s sleep…’, she can only say no!

If sticking to all that advice seems too much like hard work, why wives say no to sex you could always fulfil all your dirty needs with a secret text sex fuck buddy, trust me, these girls NEVER say no!

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