Learn To Move Furniture With Your Vagina

kim anami vagina kung-fuCan you shoot ping pong balls from your vagina? Or squirt across the room like a porn star?

No? Well you are not alone according to a rather enlightening chat I had with the female sex guru that is Kim Anami. She describes most woman’s vaginas as being dull, undervalued and not used to their full potential. But all is not lost, she has unlocked the vital key to better orgasms and the power to withhold or give orgasms to your partner using just your vaginal walls.

Vaginal Kung Fu- This isn’t your everyday Jackie Chan moves! It’s an eight week course designed to strengthen and tone your vagina leading to turbo-charged orgasms! Or achieving the big-O for the first time if you’re yet to experience it!

It involves weekly strengthen practices using love eggs and hanging stones to strengthen that pelvic floor and give you power over the pussy. It also includes breast lessons to turn your titties into the pleasure orbs they were made to be, hell yeah!

It’s a very hands on course but will dismiss any numbing, shame or genital discomfort and teach you how to love yourself thoroughly through the power of orgasm and masturbation.

Jiggle balls- any fans of 50 shades will know all about these little silver pleasure balls, just pop them in while dong the housework and strengthen your vagina by holding them in, it’s also great for pelvic floor (if you’ve had a baby you will know what I’m talking about!) or just to add some kinkiness to your date night. By the time you remove them you’ll be super horny and dripping wet!

Kim believes all women should be able to open beer bottles, shoot balls and lift object with their vaginas and it shouldn’t just be reserved for the record books. So what are you waiting for? Buy those jiggle balls and get training, you never know in four years’ time it may be the ping pong drawing male viewers to the Olympics rather than the volley ball!

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