The Risque Side To The Turner Prize

Turner Prize ArseThis month sees the opening of the exhibition for the exceptional work from the Turner Prize nominees. This year however, one artist is causing quite a stir…

Anthea Hamilton is this years Damien Hurst’s dead animals and the talking point of the Turner Prize on social media, especially Instagram where it is wall to wall giant arse. The massive bum stands 5 metres high in the Tate Britain and the crowd is encouraged to take selfies with the plump cheeks.

In typical Fanny style I couldn’t resist putting together a little list for you of other risque art from the nominee’s of past years.

Turner Prize Cathy WilkesIn 2008 Cathy Wilkes proudly displayed a nude woman in an expression of femininity and sexuality.

Turner Prize In 2013 Tina Seghal was nominated for her displays of dematerialisation. It is about the manipulation of human relations in the context of, what the ‘artist’ understands as ‘reality’. So in other words asking two people to act out boinking on the floor… Did I tell you I’m a big fan of interactive art?

Turner Prize David Shringkey 2013 must have been a good year with not one rudey nomination but two! David Shrigley was nominated for the Turner Prize 2013 for his solo exhibition at Hayward Gallery David Shrigley: Brain Activity.

Something in this image really draws my attention…

So, there ya go! You have been cultured Fanny Hunter style. Visiting the exhibition? Share your arse selfies with me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, I can’t wait to see them!

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