top10musicOk, so there are plenty of  music videos out there that are basically soft porn to a beat, but being an epic connoisseur of totty, I’ve selected the finest around.  For your visual (and aural depending on your tastes)  pleasure, my Top 10 Hottest Music Videos…

10: “Vertical Lines” Leather Hands –  Commonly known as ‘the bouncing boob song’, what better way to kick off my countdown than with a lead singer delivering his performance from an epics pair of baps!?


9:  “Wicked Game” Chris isaak –   Mmmmm Helena Christensen frolicking around, half naked on a beach with those stunning…..eyes 😉


8:  “Baby Boy”  Beyonce –  Dat ass!!!! Possibly my number 1 girl crush, I could watch that body gyrating all day long.  For all her sinfully sexy videos I’ve selected baby boy, purely for all the hot, sweaty, naked flesh, yum.


7:  “Shewolf” Shakira –  Her hips don’t lie and damn the girl can move!  Sexy, talented and double jointed….hours of fun to be had right there.


6: “Te Amo” Rihanna – You can’t possibly know the torture of picking the Good Girl Gone Bad’s hottest vid, but in the end it came down to a liking for BDSM with a spot of girl on girl action.  Yes please?


5: “Slave 4 U” Britney Spears – The once proclaimed ‘princess of pop’ has made a half decent come back with Will i Am recently, but there’s no denying she was at her hormone fuelled best in this steamy vid.


4: “Satisfaction” Benny Benassi –  Semi naked, sweaty, hot chicks with power tools? Genius.


3: “Dirty” Christina Aguilera – One word….chaps!


2: “Call on Me” Eric Prydz – It may have been overplayed so much so that we desensitised to it, but any video with that much lycra and glistening, gyrating flesh is worthy of my number 2 spot.


1:  “030” The Good The Bad –  Never heard of them? Me either, but please the girl f**ks a guitar!  Nekkid! DING! DING! WE HAVE A WINNER!



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