10 Things Men and Women Hate In The Bedroom

things men and women hate in the bedroomIt’s safe to say that we all have pet peeves when it comes to our bedroom shenanigans, but how do we compare to the opposite sex? Let’s find out the things men and women hate in the bedroom:


What Men Hate

  1. Inexperienced Biting! When giving a blow job ladies, lay off on the teeth action. It’s not REALLY a sausage!
  2. Slipping your finger up his arse may not be a turn on for him. Make sure that he truly likes anal stimulation, or that may be your last encounter with him.
  3. When you just lay there like a corpse waiting for him to do everything, especially after all the naughty things you said to get him riled up.
  4. Over the top moaning, and screaming is just unnecessary. Focus on the feeling, not the entertaining.
  5. When he cums in your mouth, and you run to immediately spit out his spunk, well, it’s definitely not a motivator.
  6. Wanking his cock too hard. If you plan to use it again, it’s best to not break it off.
  7. When you’re always too tired to fuck! WAKE UP!
  8. When you bring up an ex before, during, or after. Just STOP!
  9. Asking annoying questions after. The last thing that he wants to discuss what he liked best about it. That brings me to the final thing that men hate…
  10. When you get upset because he wants to sleep after a good fuck! Girls, pat yourselves on the back, and let him relax. He doesn’t want to talk!

What Women Hate

  1. When you feel qualified to pull off an insane move that you saw on a porn site. Please spare us!
  2. When you spank our arses so hard, that we almost punch you in your mouth instinctively. As some of us like pain, assume we mostly enjoy pleasure.
  3. When you cum, and roll over knowing that we didn’t have an orgasm.
  4. When you’re getting a blow job, and assuming that we’re all Linda Lovelace. Do be gentle when testing for a gag reflex, you may get an unpleasant surprise.
  5. When we’re enjoying slow, sensual foreplay, and you ram a thumb up our arses without warning. REALLY?
  6. Immediately going down on us in the morning. Not all of us are against it, just give a girl a chance to freshen up.
  7. We don’t want to experiment with random objects. EVER!
  8. Biting our nipples, and clits like chewing gum…it’s NOT chewing gum!
  9. When you attempt to “slip” your cock into our arses. Let’s not play that game guys, it’s never a positive outcome.
  10. When your manhood isn’t clean! Would you want that in YOUR mouth? Have some respect for the one who’s about to give you ultimate pleasure.

So there you have it. Compare notes, discuss with friends over wine, and see where you stand on this fun topic. Even if you’re guilty of one, or a few, take advantage, and step up your game. You’ll be the real MVP! Better yet, I know some naughty ladies who are experts on what, and what NOT to do! Check out my HOT pals at SEXTFLIRTS!

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