Have you been Shriiimped?

Have you been Shriiimped yet? Well why not? Your first question might well be ‘WTF is Shriiimping?’ well, I’m glad you asked. Shriiimping in it’s basic form is simply ‘graffiti on girls’ more specifically graffiti artists ‘tags’ artistically painted on scantily clad/nude model’s flesh. Not everyone is a fan, but I have to say I approve. It’s fun, edgy and a superb reason to peruse sexy girls under the guise of artistic interest, what’s not to like? If you like inked up babes you’ll love the designs and the finished look. Hate tattoos on girls? Not a prob, it washes off! Win, win. Here are a few images of the latest fad to give you an idea of what it’s all about, if you want to see more check out shriiimp.com






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