Fifteen Fictional Fitties

Nerdgasm Alert! Ok so they’re not real, their proportions and vital statistics are sometimes questionable, but there’s no denying that animated fanny can be hot too! With the boom in anime/manga art (and indeed porn) we mustn’t overlook the old school and sometimes forgotton hotties of the animated world. That’s why I’ve taken the liberty of putting together these 15 tantalising, graphically gifted hotties for your pleasure, enjoy soldiers…

15. Betty Boop

Iconic and undoubtedly one of the most recognisable cartoon characters in the world. Betty made her debut in 1930 and will no doubt be rocking the bimbo look forever more.

14. Holli Would

I know, I’d never heard of her either, but just look at that rack. Now imagine her with Kim Basinger’s voice…uh uh Kim played Holli’s voice over artist in the 1992 film Cool World, where Holli Would tries to seduce a real life man who becomes trapped his own cartoon. Sounds legit.

13. Pocahontas

She’s got the whole Native Indian Princess thing down with full red lips and curves to boot.

12. Lois Griffin

The wife of TV favourite, ‘Family Guy’ Peter Griffin, Lois is an animated fantasy MILF divulging in illicit affairs and all sorts of kinky behaviour!

11. Kitana

For you old school gamers out there! Classic fighting game, Mortal Kombat’s hottest character offering and you can all see why…

10. April O’Neil

The hotty reporter with four heroes in a half shell at her beck and call, total hussy, I love her!

9. Ariel

Ok so she’s half fish and still lived at home with her Dad in the first movie, but those sea shells…

8. Mary Jane Watson

Ahhhh classic geek fap material.

7. Daphne Blake

One of the infamous Mystery Machine crew who seemed to be forever getting herself kidnapped, but then we all love a damsel in distress don’t we?

6. Kim Possible

A relative newbie, but earned her place all the same. Kim is a Disney show cheerleader turned secret agent.

5. She Ra

The Princess of Power (and adolescent fantasy)! Alter ego of Princess Adora and long lost twin sister of Prince Adam of Eternia aka…He-Man, but you guys knew that right?

4. Wonder Woman

The most famous Heroine of all time? The sexiest? I’ll let you guys debate that, all I know is what this woman did for the one piece was more than a wonder!

3. Lara Croft

The game makers knew exactly what they were doing when they created this pixel vixen and trust me, it wasn’t just your brains they were trying to engage. Mmmm mmmm! And didn’t they do well?

2. Cat Woman

Super heroine, super villain and super sexy! We’ve seen Cat Woman evolve since her humble beginnings in the DC comics, but she never fails to get pulse racing, me-ow!

1. Jessica Rabbit

‘I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way.’ said the sexiest cartoon character EVER (in my humble opinion)! An iconic sex symbol and for any of you who ever got a little ‘excited’ watching Who Framed Roger Rabbit, don’t feel shame, you were not alone…
Jessica_rabbit (1)

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