Chat Dirty With Ben Dover’s Wannabe Porn Stars

Ben Dover

I’m chatting with Ben the other day over a couple of cocktails and as you know he’s a right dirty fucker. He asks if I’ll sext him later. Now, I’m all up for a bit of filthy talk especially with the porn God that is Ben Dover, but it got me thinking, why the hell would he need me? He must have hundreds of girls wanting to chat dirty all the time!

Turns out he’s just a greedy bastard and does indeed have loads of girls who want to gain a foothold into the porn industry by doing whatever the hell he asks. However, he’s sharing them with you! That’s when he introduced me to the most wonderful website, Ben Dover’s Casting Couch. It’s choc full of horny girls wanting to chat and text with you. They are willing to do anything (I do mean anything!) to impress, including sending very saucy pics.

The girls are waiting with very useful bios to help you pick a favourite. Before engaging in filthy chat about absolutely anything you like. So you can vet them for the porn industry and then pass your comments onto Ben, helping him decide if they have what it takes. There are girls to suit all types and even some guys who think their cocks the next big and best thing.

Ben tells me these girls really have no filter and will be explicit with you, so be ready! They love everything from anal to tit wanking and all that’s in-between. Gobbling lots of cock and giving the ultimate satisfaction is their goal, are you up for the challenge? Have your tissues ready!

Ready to meet the luscious ladies? You’ll find them here at Ben Dover’s Casting Couch. So get chatting, texting and receiving explicit photos. Then let me and Ben know what you think, we very much look forward to hearing from you.

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