10 Things You Need To Know About Sex Dolls

sexdoll3Weird and wonderful or the perfect bed partner? I can see the pros of having a companion that’s never going to claim ‘I’ve got a headache tonight dear’, ‘but doesn’t anal hurt?’ or ‘you’re not doing THAT!’ the Sex Doll industry is booming like never before and I know I’m not the only one to wonder what the fascination is.  You know the routine by now, you ponder, Fanny enlightens!  Here’s 10 Things You need to Know About Sex Dolls…

*  History – Sex dolls originated in the 17th century. The original Dames de Voyage were makeshift mastubatory dolls sewn together with old clothes for the French/Spanish Sailors who needed a little ‘company’ on long voyages.

*  Popularity –  At last count the sex toy industry was worth a whopping $15 billion, despite the global economic downfall millions of people are still finding pennies to spend on fluffy cuffs, silicone cocks, fake vags and Sex Dolls. An auction in Brazil earlier this year even saw people bidding into SIX figures to win the pleasure of ‘deflowering’ a Sex Doll!


*  Materials –  If you’re the sensible sort you’ll want to know before hand what you’re dipping your wick into, sex dolls can come in a variety of materials: Plush (like soft toys), inflatable, silicone and one swanky japanese company even created a special elastic gel with shape memory and heated orifices! If you haven’t got the kind of cash the Japanese have to spend on your doll you could always go the DIY route like this guy did… http://izismile.com/2009/12/17/home_made_sex_doll_12_pics_text.html

*  Variety – Well where to begin!? Androids, Love Dolls, Teddy Babe Plush Dolls, the classic Blow-Up doll, three hole dolls, tit wank dolls, arse and vagina dolls, transgender dolls, BBW dolls, vibrating dolls, heated dolls, GILF dolls, even ALIEN dolls! Aku-medium favourite of mine (OK so it’s not a full doll, but still) is the Concubine Masturbator, for the greedy w*nker .

*  Maintenance – Obviously hygiene is of paramount importance, I recommend using a specialist sex toy cleaner.  For dolls with removable genitals, just pop them out and give them a good clean. Dolls with built in bits will have genitals you can turn inside out for cleaning (I know, s’hot right?).  With life like/Japanese dolls you’re best giving them a nice shallow bath, maybe crack out the candles, some rose petals…

With all dolls you’ll want to sprinkle a little renewer powder on after cleaning/drying before storing. For Blow-Up dolls a top tip is to not over inflate and be sure to repair punctures properly!

*  Legality – Used as they’re intended Sex Dolls are perfectly safe, legal and great fun! Unless you live in the state of Alabama, USA, where the Anti-Obscenity Enforcement Act of 1998 criminalizes the sale of ALL sex toys, sucks to be you guys…

*  Keep it personal – I’m not saying you can’t casually mention over dinner with friends that you’ve recently purchased a new ‘friend’, shout it from the roof tops if you like, but I don’t recommend taking your Doll out and about on the town, a guy from Naples was recently arrested for fondling not one, but TWO blow-up dolls in a public car park.  In fact just like with a real f*ck buddy you might want to ensure you’re alone in the house before you go at it, unlike this guy who’s probably since moved house… http://www.ebaumsworld.com/video/watch/80798413/

*  Cost – Sex Dolls range from the cheap and cheerful to the luxurious and ridiculously expensive.  You can pick up a basic inflatable doll from around #15, the full bodied plush dolls go into the hundreds and for a life like, realistic sex doll you’re looking at thousands. It’s all down to the consumer and his/her (yes, chicks buy them too ;)) needs.

*  Where can I get one? – You’ve read all the info and fancy a bash yourself? Here’s a few sites I took the liberty of perusing just for you:





*  Customization – If you’re going to reach deep into your pockets for the likes of an infamous Real Doll then you may as well go all out and have it made to your every specification. Hair colour, eye colour, skin type, freckles, curves/build and of course anatomical specifications are all part of the service. A look inside a real sex doll factory makes for some interesting viewing… http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2364514/Inside-sex-doll-factory-A-look-eerily-lifelike-faces-bodies-assembled-7-000-silicone-companions.html

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