10 Things You Need To Know About Keeping A Pet Girl

Keeping your very own Pet Girl might not be for life, or even for Christmas, but like all good Pet owners you need to do your research before committing yourself to the responsibility of a Pet’s care. That’s where I come in, I’ve taken all the hassle out of hours of googling and spared you all those ‘interesting’ images and websites dedicated to the topic and cut right to the chase! Here’s 10 things you need to know about keeping a pet girl….

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* What is a pet? A great place to start! A human pet is essentially a submissive in a D/s BDSM relationship. What makes a pet different to a regular submissive or a slave? Well apart from the obvious ‘acting like an animal’ stuff, the main difference is that sex does not have to be involved. The pleasure comes from the control, being obeyed, feeling all powerful and so on and for the pet, it’s the feeling of being cared for and Dominated on a whole other level.

* Choosing a pet – Firstly you find a submissive woman who gets kicks from being owned/making animal noises/crawling around etc (should be a doddle) then you decide what animal you would like her to be. What animals are common for submissives to be? Most commonly you will see ponies, puppies and pigs, though there are some pussies about and I have heard of rabbits, cows (I pat you not) and even a seal, but that’s a whole other story!

* The right equipment – Collars, leads, feeding bowls/troughs, litter trays, water bowl, cage/bed, restraints, bits/gags, pony plugs, harnesses. The list is pretty extensive and will depend entirely on personal preference and of course what kind of pet you have, you don’t want to go sticking a pony butt plug up a poor little puppies arse now do you!?

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* Feeding Time – When it comes to feeding your pet I would recommend that you don’t feed them actual pet food, it can’t be healthy. You can simulate pet food (and I guess you don’t have to tell your pet it’s fake…) by mashing up human food and mixing it with gravy or ketchup or baking things in the shape of a bone for puppies etc. You should only feed your pet AFTER you have eaten, to remind them of their place, beneath you.

* Toilet training – If humiliation is an aspect of play you’re looking for or perhaps it just floats your boat (Fanny doesn’t judge) then you can train your pet to use a litter box. I wouldn’t recommend taking them for walks/using a poopa scoop and all that jazz, for one it’s getting a bit nippy out there and two you might draw a little unwanted attention to yourself…

* Punishing your pet – Pet play IS most commonly used as a punishment for regular submissives who have misbehaved. For a sub who is happy to be a pet, but has displeased you in someway, how about a tap on the nose with a newspaper? Or removing pet privileges such as play time. There are things available on the market such as ‘shock collars’ if you fancy a bit of electric play, though PLEASE don’t electrocute your pet (see safety).Pet Girl

* Caging – Cages come in all manner of weird and wonderful shapes, sizes and variety and can be relatively cheap or lavishly expensive. Caging is more often than not a fundamental part of pet play, it gives the submissive the restriction/humiliation/ownership they crave and reassures you they aren’t going anywhere without you anytime soon!

* Have fun with your Pet – The essential part of pet play is FUN! A ball of string for your cute kitty, a mint for your pretty pony, I suppose pretty much ANYTHING for your greedy piggy and well, I’m not too sure about cows to be honest, I’ll let you decide that one. The beauty of non human pets is they’re often cute, cuddly and we just love spoiling them, it’s the same with human pets. A deep, intimate bond can develop from giving the right care and attention, not to mention all manner of stress and worry can be escaped by forgetting about the crazy world we live in for a while and simply PLAYING.

* Safety – All joking aside BDSM, D/s, pet play are serious and can have a lasting psychological affect on your sub as well as physical, the responsibility is yours, so DO take good care of them! Don’t feed them animal food. Always read ALL instructions that come with any apparatus/equipment bought specifically for human pets (such as shock collars). If you are going to cage your pet bare in mind they may well be cramped and should not be left for prolonged periods of time. It is hugely important that if you have restricted your pet’s ability to speak that they have some way of communicating with you in case of a physical/emotional emergency.

Already have a pet? Or have you often fantasized about owning one? Feel free to share your thoughts by commenting or getting in touch fanny@fannyhunter.co.uk

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