10 Things You Need To Know About Cuckolding

Cuckold10. Since the 1900s the term ‘cuckolding’ has been widely used to describe a sexual fetish in which the fetishist is stimulated by their partner choosing to have sex with someone else. Most commonly used to refer to a husband with an adulterous wife.

9. The wife who enjoys cuckolding her husband is commonly referred to as a ‘hot wife’ or a cuckoldress if the man is more submissive.

8. Cuckolding can also be mixed with other non-monogamous relationships such as swinging, wife swapping, open relationships, polyamory, etc. It generally differs from the others as cuckolds thrill in their partners acts in a masochistic way, which is why it’s often categorised as a BDSM practice.

7. The masochistic aspect of Cuckolding comes from the cuckold deriving pleasure from being humiliated. The fears of infidelity and the failure to compete against another man for a woman’s affection becomes erotic.

6. Many cuckolds who crave the humiliation aspect like being forced to perform sexual acts or other acts which would normally be deemed insulting or degrading,such as cleaning out the ‘Bull’s’ cum from his wife’s pussy, while the female is encouraged to boast about the physical superiority of her male lover.

5. There are two types of cockolds. Active cuckolds like to be present in the room when the sexualcuckold3 act between the Hot Wife and her lover takes place. They mostly don’t join in, but get their pleasure from watching their partner’s enjoyment. Some cuckolds enjoy taking photographs and videos of these acts. Some submissive cuckolds also like to be tied up so that they are unable to move and feel helpless to do anything but to witness the act. Passive cuckolds (by their choice or their partners) are not allowed to enter the place of bonding. These cuckolds are very imaginative in nature and would expect their female partner to share their experience with their lover to them and they get their pleasure by imagining every aspect of their partners encounter. One of the important aspects of such cuckolds are that they enjoy the act of getting their spouse ready for the date.

4. The female partner would (or is expected to) view/use the cuckold as a resource to use financially and however else she sees fit, ie housework, etc and less as a physical partner.

cuckold43. Many cuckolds enjoy being denied a sexual relationship with their wife. They gain most, if not all of their sexual pleasure through their wife’s sexual encounters with other men.

2. Cuckolding is more common than you might think. Though there are no official statistics for practitioners and lovers of cuckolding – forums, blogs, tube sites, dating sites dedicated to the practice are more widespread than ever and only appear to be growing in popularity.

1. Trust The most important aspect of a cuckold relationship is the trust the couples have in each other. Cuckolds view the physical relationship between the female and the lover to be similar to the female playing a game of tennis or other brief entertainment, with the added benefit of pleasure for the cuckold and view it as non threatening to their relationship. A spouse going to dinner with their lover is seen as a bigger threat than them having a physical relationship as it can be viewed as a romantic/emotional connection rather than the harmless entertainment of the physical relationship.

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