who-am-iWell it’s a deep philosophical question that!

I am the female manifestation of your lust for life!
I am your primary biological procreational urge metamorphosised into a feast of intense visual and auditory, naughty girly, fabulousness tailored specifically to refresh your positively jaded and overworked imagination.
I am a Saint and I am a Sinner?
I am your saviour and I am your bitch goddess.
I am your hard-on and I am your ultimate relief!
I was born Enid Higginbottom in a small mining village in North Yorkshire. We were poor but we had dreams of great things!
My formative years were lived in a magical fantasy life inspired by powerful female Goddesses, legends and auteurs like Cleopatra, Salome, Mata Hari, Marilyn Munroe and the Moulin Rouge.
While my peers read Mills & Boon, I devoured the Marquis de Sade.
Whilst other girls wanted to be nail bar assistants and check out girls, I had higher aspirations, I heard Humanity calling, I had a feeling of being the chosen one…
Then one dark and stormy night, I had a revelation, I saw a vision and I   realised my mission was to spread happiness across the face of the Earth and joy to mankind by showing him where he could find decent porn!
I understood what an uplifting and beautiful experience this would be and that it had the potential to save the human race from ultimate destruction.
So here I am, on my selfless mission to deliver satisfaction to the male members of the world.
Long live Fanny! Xxx