Tempest Raven Naked Naked Interview

The future is here and it’s personal! We’ve all had enough of conveyor belt porn. Fanny Hunter is turning the tables on the tube sites and giving models the opportunity to express their individuality and show the world a little bit more about the REAL them…

IMG_0045 Hi, I’m Tempest Raven and this is my Naked Naked Interview for fannyhunter.co.uk.

You accidentally eat some radioactive vegetables and they endow you with the superpower of your choice! What do you want to be able to do?
Read peoples minds. In this industry you get a lot of backstabbing so it would be good to know what they are actually thinking as opposed to what they are saying.

On a scale from 1-5, how afraid of dark are you?
Im not, so its a 1

What’s your best attribute?
My arse (apparently lol) others seem to like it anyway.

If you had to choose between a million £/$ and being able to fly which would you choose?
Definitely a million pounds. I hate flying.

What’s the furthest place you’ve ever visited?

Is there someone you’d really just like to punch in the face?
Quite a few

The last furry thing I touched was….
My two cats. Love them to pieces.

Who is the person you trust most?
My husband.

If I could flick a switch to wipe one artist/band from the earth I would choose…
One Direction.

Do you use intuition when making judgements about people?
I usually do. I am a pretty good judge of character.

My favourite position is…
Doggy Style

Would you rather be a rock star or an artist?
Rock Star
What band/artist?
Some heavy metal band, love to do a bit of head bangingtempest raven

The filthiest person I’ve ever worked with is…
Tallulah Tease

Are you a thinker or a doer?
A doer

Are you a leader or a follower?
A follower

Do you think of yourself as an emotional person?
Yes, sometimes too emotional

Night in or night out?
Night In

What was the last thing that made you cry?
An episode of Cold Case, was a really sad story about a girl who had to give her baby up for adoption.

My favourite stress relief is…
Listening to music

The last person to tell me they loved me was…
My hubby

The favourite age I’ve been so far is…
35, its when I started to model.

The best thing about my job is…
Getting to meet new people all the time.

The worst thing about my job is…
Meeting new people you would rather not.

Have you ever been arrested?

Do you have a collection of toys? What’s your fave?
I do, but my favourite is definitely my magic wand.


Pizza or Pasta?

Thong or Frenchies?

Blow Job or 69?

Natural or fake?

See more of me at www.tempestraven.com and @tempestravenxx

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