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nakednaked002brdRebecca is currently up for MILF of the year 2014 and is the main star of award nominated Adult Film of the Year 2014 ‘Friends with Benefits Street’. She plays White Double Dee in the parody of channel 4’s Benefits Street. Rebecca says ‘I love working for Television X, it’s the home of Brit porn and is a dedicated to producing top notch filth for all tastes.’

I had the chance to ask the stunning Rebecca a few questions about what it takes to be the MILF of the Year, here’s how it went…

Hi, I’m Rebecca More and this is my Naked Naked Interview for

If you were the opposite sex for one day, what would you look like and what would you do?
Well I think the first thing to do would to be deal with the Morning Glory, and I have always wanted to be a plumber, so I would defiantly have a builders bum. To be honest being a girl is best so I would probably be a chick with a dick so I’d look pretty much like this but with a bit of a beard.

Do you have a secret talent and what is it?
What apart from making men dribble at twenty yards? I suppose my eye for interior design is pretty special. It’s unpredictable but always produces a wow, a bit like me suppose.

What is one unique thing that you’re afraid of?
Falling out of an aeroplane without a parachute and landing in a swimming pool full of sharks and crocodiles whilst menstruating. That and moths.

What’s your current desktop picture?
A lovely wintery scene of a Blue tit and a Woodpecker

You accidentally eat some radioactive vegetables and they endow you with the superpower of your choice! What do you want to be able to do?
Invisibility I could have so much fun and get up to lots of mischief, just imagine you can go anywhere undetected.

On scale from 1-5, how afraid of dark are you?
0 – the dark is where the best things happen.

What’s your best attribute?
Boobs, Bum or sense of humour, my cooking is pretty good too, how many am I allowed? have you seen my skin, my god I could go on but if I had to pick one thing it’s my near perfect arse.
When I say near perfect it near too my boobs.

When I looked into the mirror this morning I thought…
I try never to look in the mirror till after lunch, I find it helps with my mood!

What does the last text message on your phone say?
Why don’t you ever text back!!!!!! I’ve left 16 messages and this will be the last one! Steve

If you had to choose between a million £/$ and being able to fly which would you choose?
FLY defiantly, and if I couldn’t make that make me a Million pounds then something would be wrong, also I wouldn’t have to drink Red Bull anymore.

Have you ever had an imaginary friend?
She says I should say nothing. Next question please!

What’s the furthest place you’ve ever visited?
I’ve been to the states loads of times and I plan to go to Australia next year.

Is there someone you’d really just like to punch in the face?
Am I allowed to dig up Jimmy Saville? If not Gary Glitter or Jeremy Kyle.

The last furry thing I touched was….
I was helping Richard Gere out of a sticky situation. That’s all I’m prepared to say.

Who is the person you trust most?
Kirsty my P.A. It’s important to be able to delegate and to be able to be totally honest with her and it makes our relationship the strongest it has ever been, just a shame she is so camera shy, but I suppose opposites attract.

You just got a free plane ticket to anywhere. You have to depart right now. Where are you gonna go?
I wanna go back to IBIZA what a party island had a crazy couple days there a few weeks ago and as I was waiting to fly home I got chatting to a sexy guy who was just arriving for 4 weeks so I would be over there in the blink of an eye.

You’re having a great day and you just found a £50 note/US$100 bill on the pavement, what are you gonna spend it on?
I am a big believer of karma so as I don’t really want for anything, I would try to pass the good fortune on to the next worthy case I saw, or buy the first handbag or shoes that catch my eye.

If I could flick a switch to wipe one artist/band from the earth I would choose…
Phil Bloody Collins no wait Jedward oh there are so many! Bewitched still give me nightmares

Have you ever faked an orgasm in your personal sex life?
I once used a bar of chocolate too flake an orgasm, come on guys you know we sometimes have to bring things to timely end, but really I don’t have to, cumming is never a problem

Would you rather watch TV or read a book?
What book/TV series?

When I read it’s normally cooking or self-help, motivational and healthy living. To relax I like to watch Rupauls Drag Race it’s so biatchy and the clothes and style put us girls too shame.

My favourite position is…
Doggy Doggy doggy oh and did I say doggy receiving and giving, I love working with a strap on as much as I love bury my face into a pillow or pussy or onto another a cock, did I say Doggy?

Would you rather be a rock star or an artist?
What band/artist?

I think I would combine both and be the New Lady GAGA something like Lady Gag Nah
Maybe I should try Matchstick men and cats and dogs

The filthiest person I’ve ever worked with is…
In this industry you meet so many filthy individuals it would be wrong to mention anyone in particular, oh no wait EMILY EMILY EMILY she is by far the freakiest thing on the planet we don’t only flick each other’s switches we literally fuck each other buttons up.

Are you a thinker or a doer?
Right let me think about this….(5minutes later) … I’m a doer in every sense of the word

Are you a leader or a follower?
I can be both, but at the moment I’ll lead and you can all follow the view is amazing.

You can erase any horrible experience from your past. What will it be?
Life is for living not worrying about, of course there are good and bad times but I believe that what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.

Do you think of yourself as an emotional person?
I am a women !!!!!!!!!

Night in or night out?
Oh a night in curled up on the sofa with some homemade food catching up on Breaking Bad

What was the last thing that made you cry?
The French onion soup I made last weekend, before that it would have probably been X-factor, the back stories the music will always make me a little upset but the amount of adverts will always set me off.

My favourite stress relief is…
I love going for a run it really clears my mind and it’s so good for the body too. I love the gym you can find me their three or four times a week and for the tougher work outs I use my personal trainer he really works me hard.

The best thing about my job is…
Is the people

The worst thing about my job is…
Is the hours

The one person I’d NEVER like to meet is…
Piers Morgan he makes my fanny dry up just looking at him, no doubt if we met he would at the very least talk to me.

Have you ever been arrested?
No!!! Never!!! The good ones never get caught or if they do they manage to “charm their way out of a parking ticket”

Do you have a collection of toys? What’s your fave?
They seem to need replacing more than most peoples, I do love all my vibrators but I have a big big black strap-on that brings back so many dirty memories when I put it on.

Do you follow politics? Which party do you follow?
I think all the parties seem to be diluted versions of each other that’s politic speak for No I don’t follow politics although Mayor Boris is always good for giggle

My celeb crush is definitely…
Benedict Cumberbatch not as Sherlock but as the baddie in the Star Trek Movie he is so dark and strong it makes me tingle just thinking about him, oh and that the new girl on Countdown.

Pizza or Pasta?
Always Pasta it’s so versatile and it keeps in the fridge.

Thong or Frenchies?
Commando why wasn’t that a choice. I never want a VPL so its nearly always a thong, or commando.

Blow Job or 69?
I like to give all my attention to a blowjob and having my pussy licked at the same time just means you done get the very best of menakednaked001brd

Natural or fake?
Fake is such a horrible word, touch these beautiful big boobs and then tell me they are not real. If you get them done right no one will ever ask.

Wow that was intense, I really am so lucky to work in this industry and I love every day because no two are ever the same. If you want to follow me on twitter you will get lots of my silly ramblings and loads of sexy hot pictures @divalicous

Thank you Fanny for being gentle and keep up the good work.

Becca xxxx

What a woman!! If Rebbeca sounds like your type of MILF then guess what Fanny Hunters?! YOU could be in with a chance to SHAG HER!!! Yup those generous souls over at TelevisionX are giving you guys (and girls) the chance to DO REBECCA! Here’s how:


You can shag Rebecca More with just an email!

Award nominated MILF Rebecca More is jumping in the back of a lorry and inviting locals to shag her on her sex tour of England. The tour starts in October 2014 and will be visiting Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Southampton and London.

This is a once in a life time opportunity for the average Englishman to ‘do’ hot babe Rebecca More. ANYONE can apply. Rebecca is ready and waiting to shag the lot of you. Whether you are a builder, butcher, student, office worker, sex mad sports men or a layabout, it doesn’t matter all you need to do is apply and you can Do Rebecca.

It’s not just blokes, Rebecca loves a bit of pussy and is keen to get her hands on any sex mad girlies for a bit of lesbo lust.

Rebecca More’s Sex tour of England is brought to you by Television X and renowned porn director Macondo who hit the road in 2009 with Tanya Tate in her hugely successful Sex Tour of Ireland. Where she managed to bed famous Gaelic footballer and hurling champ Greg Jacob.

Macondo states ‘I cannot wait to hit the road again with the tour of England. Rebecca is such a laugh to work with and bringing this tour to our home country will really bring some big grins to the average English fella’

Rebecca is currently up for MILF of the year 2014 and is the main star of award nominated Adult Film of the Year 2014 ‘Friends with Benefits Street’. She plays White Double Dee in the parody of channel 4’s Benefits Street. Rebecca says ‘ I love working for Television X, it’s the home of Brit porn and is a dedicated to producing top notch filth for all tastes. The tour is going to be a wild as English dicks are my favourite kind. Going from North to South I can see if there really is a north and south divide by the amount of cock I get from each city’

The applications are open to all, but priority will go English men. To get involved go to

As if all that isn’t enough, Rebbeca is the star of ‘Friends with Benefits Street’ which has been nominated for Adult film of the year 2014 at this years Paul Raymond Awards! Here’s a little peek at the series (if you haven’t had the pleasure already), to vote email: voting closes 30/9/14!

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