Quickie with Fanny: Jane Bond


NAME: Jane Bond (licensed to thrill!)

AGE: 55

PROFESSION: Adult entertainer

What’s the most unusual thing you’ve been asked to do in your line of work?
Play a naughty schoolgirl on rollerskates.

If you ruled the country (and seeing as we’re a bit skint) which of the following would you tax? Banking or Wanking?
Definitely banking (though suspect bankers should be taxed on wanking).

Who’s sexier? Jeremy Clarkson or Homer Simpson?
Clarkson, marginally (I’m a petrolhead)!

What do you like to wear under a short skirt? Panties? Boy shorts? Frenchies? Thong? Nothing?
Commando or Agent Provocateur.

Who would you rather have in your bed? William? Kate?
Both! Plus Harry & Pippa

What’s the shortest time you’ve known someone before having sex with them?
A minute!

Who would you rather have a threesome with? Cameron & Clegg? Ant & Dec? The Mitchell Bruvvas?
Good god, none of them. Portillo & Obama would be a better bet!

Does your mum know what you do?
I bloody hope not!

What’s the temptation you can’t resist?
Cock, followed by pussy, with wine and chocolate following closely up the rear (not literally!)

Does size matter?
Of course (though the dinky ones sometimes compensate manually!)

What’s your sexual speciality?
Anything & everything (experience over youth!)

Where can we see more of you?
Check out my films & Fat Freddie’s website. XXX

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